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Where you folks live, have ya noticed the decorations are missing from the Walmart stores? Looks like the worlds largest retailer could at least decorate a bit for the holidays. Where I live I noticed a couple of weeks ago they had some red bows placed around on the end of the aisles. Here comes a worker with a cart and takes em all down, never to be put back up. They even took down the Christmas tree they had placed inside the entrance. All they want is your money and could care less about the season, or so it seems, what ya think? :angry::angry:

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I don't know if all Walmarts do this or not, but my mom was telling tonight that the Walmart in my home town donated their tree, ornaments, and decorations to our church (through some kind of drawing). They even delivered it to the church. Maybe they all do the same and that's why their decorations disappeared early.

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I don't really care what retail stores do. They're in business. When they decorate, it's to generate more sales anyway.

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Jus went to WM to pick up some groceries, guess I waited too damn late they were closed :angry: next closest grocery store is 30 miles away :blink:


The wife and I stopped in tonight just before the 8:00PM Christmas eve closing time for a last minute run at some unsalted butter to finish up the baking. The wife was chatting with one of the floor walkers when we passed the candy displays that had just been reset with the Valentine's Day displays. Joked with the staffer who replied, he's already getting set for Lee-Jackson Day displays. Got a laugh out of that.


Merry Christmas to all.... :P

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Just a little information about Wal-Mart...please read and understand that I do not shop at Wal Mart for many reasons and this article is the main reason! Sorry the pictures did

not come out....If you want to see the pictures please PM me

with your "E" address and I send them to you.....










E m m a M a e r s k


You must read the ending...

See the editorial under the last picture. That says it all!



The Emma Maersk, part of a Danish shipping line,

is shown in the photos below.




What a ship....no wonder 'Made in China ' is displacing

North American made goods big time.

This monster transports goods across the Pacific in just 5

days!! This is one of three ships presently in service, with another two

ships commissioned to be completed in 2012.





These ships were commissioned by Wal-Mart to get all their

goods and stuff from China .. They hold an incredible 15,000

containers and have a 207 foot deck beam!! The full crew is just

13 people on a ship

longer than a US Aircraft Carrier (which has a

crew of 5,000. With its 207' beam it is too big to fit through the

Panama or Suez Canals ..



It is strictly Transpacific. Cruise speed: 31 knots.


The goods arrive 4 days before the typical container ship (18-20

knots) on a China-to-California run. 91% of Wal-Mart products are

made in China .So this behemoth is hugely competitive even

when carrying perishable goods.



The ship was built in five sections. The sections floated


together and then welded.


The command bridge is higher than a 10-story building and has

11 cargo crane rigs that can operate simultaneously unloading

the entire ship in less than two hours.





Additional info:


Country of origin - Denmark

Length - 1,302 ft

Width - 207 ft

Net cargo - 123,200 tons

Engine - 14 cylinders in-line diesel engine (110,000 BHP)

Cruise Speed - 31 knots


Cargo capacity - 15,000 TEU (1 TEU = 20 cubic feet)

Crew - 13 people !

First Trip - Sept. 08, 2006

Construction cost - US $145,000,000+


Silicone painting applied to the ship bottom reduces water

resistance and saves 317,000 gallons of diesel per year.


















Editorial Comment!



A recent documentary in late March, 2010 on the History

Channel noted that all of these containers are shipped back to

China , EMPTY. Yep, that's right.

We send nothing back on these ships. What does that tell you

about the current financial state of this country? Just keep

buying those imported goods (mostly gadgets) until you run out

of money.


Then you may wonder what the cause of unemployment

(maybe even your job) in the U.S. and Canada might be????


'Nuff said ??

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My point exactly! :angry:

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"All they want is your money". No kidding; they are a retail store and that's the only reason they are in business. When I go there, it's to buy something with money.




GG ~:FlagAm:

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I do everything I can to avoid shopping at WalMart, for a variety of reasons as well. If they decorate or not makes no difference to me. Of course, if a store didn't decorate and passed savings on to me, I might try to shop there more.

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