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RO'S limitations?


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This is to those of you who object to the word "think."

Following are some definitions of the word.

1. to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc.

2. to employ one's mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation: Think carefully before you begin.


I've been questioned about my use of that word and I resented it. I felt like I was being badgered. :( I was forced to change my choice of words to "I know he hit the wrong target." My thoughts did not change only the words.


I said that I thought he hit a specific target, which was not the correct target. I didn't say "I dreamed it." :angry:


Get a grip and stop badgering folks and wasting time arguing semantics when they "think something happened." Now if they say "I think he might...," that is a different story.





Why say anything? Just hold up your finger/s. 99% of the time that is all that is required. If an investigation is to take place, (rare), then you will be ask. There is no need to say that I think that he missed the target... it just clouds the water. We all "Think" this or that or suspect this or that but IMO we need to be sure before we penalize someone. That is the Benefit of Doubt that we all seek to give and receive. If there is no doubt, then it seem to me that we know it.



Allie Mo

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Don't assume I must say something with every call. It is true that most of the time, we just hold up our fingers.




Allie "who thinks thinking has been getting a 'bum rap'" Mo ;)


PS I'm tired of the argument (badgering) about this word and refrain from using it.

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...let the spotter's spot and the RO RO

That's all well and good til it happens that YOU'RE the shooter... then it don't seem so good. In fact, it feels really bad to know you shot a clean stage, only to be called for 10 misses cause three spotters couldn;t see or hear your hits. Doesn't feel ANY better to have the TO tell ya, "I know those were all hits, but the spotters all say 'nope, didn't see a single hit'." Downright discourging. The fact that I like all of them and still enjoy shooting with them is immaterial, they called what they saw (or didn't), who can argue with that? But... there's a VAST difference between "I didn't see any hits," and "I saw 10 misses."


Spottin' for a BP shooter is much more involved than for a smokeless. Wind or lack thereof, plays a huge role. Positioning can be critical in even seeing the targets, let alone seeing hits. I think most spotters simply fall back on their hearing for BP shooters; which ain't bad for cartridge shooters using hard bullets. It can be detrimental to any cap 'n ball shooters using soft lead RBs, but for .36 cal shooters, even watchin' for a target wiggle is misleading. I, for one, don't try for edge hits hopin' to get target movement, I like my chances of a hit better when aimin' for center-of-mass.


Once again, Marauder has it right; Sankebite, also. Remember, if you know it's a miss, it's a miss; if you only think it's a miss, it's a hit!


Gr(puttin' spotters to the test)iff

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PS When Tweety says "I tot I taw a Puddy Tat," would you reply with, "well are you sure it wasn't a dog. Don't you know what you 'taw'?" :P


I'd reply "It's a hit' :lol:


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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I believe we all know the rules for spotters: If you think it's a miss etc.

I believe the question was about the TO over ruling the spotters, not weather they (spotters) were right or wrong. The answer is, no the TO can not over rule them if they KNOW they saw a miss.


. . . or procedural. +1

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