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Rapture running late?

Cypress Sun

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Looks like Rev Camping was not very good as a civil engineer cause he was not good at math. So sad that people with limited intellect have followed this clown!


At least one woman suffocated her son on his forecast.


What is his accountability?





A person can only hope that there is indeed a special place in hell for him. Unfortuately, his "freedom of speech" will protect him from any accountability for now.

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What is the "accountability" of the people who believe this sort of guff?


Of course he has freedom of speech, and freedom of religious expression as well.


Though I'm a believer, I've never understood the "end times" pre-occupation of some folks. We'll all have our own apocalypse in due course, one death at a time.

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I think we have to consider the possibility that the rapture DID occur and Camping and his followers were not quite as "chosen" as they thought they were. I mean, they were really annoying me and perhaps they did the same thing to the big guy.

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