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  1. Yeah, the angle eject side safety was a travesty, but at least it’s still a Winchester. The Big Boy fell through the ugly tree and hit every limb. .
  2. Interesting and nice without all the recent Winchester “improvements”, but there are much better guns for 44-40. When I first started, I had a 1894 trapper in .45 colt. It was a terrible gun for CAS. Pretty often I would cycle the action fast enough to throw live cartridges off the elevator and right out the top of the action. I sold it and bought an 1873 and never looked back. That was 30+ years ago.
  3. My engraved second gen with checked one piece ivories is called “the barbecue gun”, but other than that, For the most part any long gun I am carrying is called “Betsy” and any handgun is called “Roscoe.” Makes things simple when you have a bunch of them. On the other hand, if the gun came from a friend or family, especially one that has passed I often refer to it as theirs, e.g “Carl’s Sharps” or “EP’s Colt”.
  4. He was a great guy, sorry to hear of his passing.
  5. The 1902 7mm Mauser rolling blocks are cool guns. They were better heat treated and stronger than the earlier variants (which are quite strong in their own right). They have an interesting extractor for the rimless cartridge. As long as the gun is in good shape, you should be able to shoot it. Check the chamber and the headspace and load accordingly. I had a nice 7mm rolling block 25-30 years ago and regret selling it. They made some of these late guns in 30-40 krag. This would be the cat’s meow, but they are quite rare and I have never seen one in person. I make do with my 50-70 NY state model.
  6. Hence the reference to selling it... My point was if it’s worth more than other guns because of the number, sell it, buy another gun that is not worth the premium and pocket the profit. It’s a Ruger, there are lots of them around so you shouldn’t have a problem finding another. If it turns out that it’s not worth a premium, then forget it. I have a hard time wrapping my head around collecting Rugers, but I hear there are folks that do. It might be worth checking.
  7. No, at the worst you pay good money to devalue a gun you could have sold for a profit. But hey, it’s a Ruger so, not that big a deal .
  8. Over time, the ends of the firing pins can become deformed so that the swell up and can’t go all the way forward. When this happens you start to get light primer strikes. Pull the pins and measure them to see if they are mushroomed. If they are, it’s best to replace them, but failing that you can stone them to get rid of the swelling. I have had to do this on several guns.
  9. If you have any interest in shooting BP, the reproduction Schofields are a poor choice. They lengthened the cylinder to make them shoot 45lc, which leads to fouling with BP. Nifty gun, and well made, but I sold mine 25 years ago.
  10. I have no problem with nostalgia, I shoot SASS. I also have no problem paying more for a Colt than an Italian gun (I own 10 Colt SAAs and a bunch of other Colts ). What I don’t like is when Colt makes a poorly fitted and finished gun and charges high prices for them. In the 80s I bought my first colt brand new, the first time I cocked it it locked up. It had a lot of problems. When I complained to colt, they said it was a collector piece and not intended to be shot! It took the more than a year to fix it and they ended up sending me a different gun. Poor business. I hope they are doing better now. I also think saying that Colt is anti gun because they don’t offer the AR anymore is silly. They can’t make money doing it, so they quit. No problem.
  11. Glad you like them. I looked over one of the new Cobras and it looked a lot like the Trooper MK V action. The older action used in the old Officers Model, the original Trooper, and the Python was smoother. But they cost a lot to produce. I look forward to seeing the new python.
  12. The old shells were sealed with sodium silicate. I got some from the pharmacy and it works a treat. A couple of drops over the card glues it in. I have been using it for years.
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