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Ruby Redsmoke

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I am very confused.


The EoT Schedule shows that there will be a Best Dressed Costume Contest on the Friday night:

"5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Seminar #1 Tent -Best Dressed / B Western Costume Contest."


But in the latest Chronicle it says that the Best Dressed Costume Contest has been cancelled this year, because it is too hot and dusty to get dressed up!!!


"First, we are going to eliminate the Saturday night Best Dressed Contest. Frankly, END of TRAIL is not the best place to showcase your finest costumes, as it is usually dirty, dusty, and hot – whether it’s been held in California or New Mexico."


I am bitterly disappointed.


Surely this can't be right?


This is the World Championships, the premier event for Cowboy Action Shooting, a costumed shooting sport!!!


I'm hoping someone can tell us all exactly what is happening and I really hope we're not taking the costuming out of our sport.




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I'm confused too! I haven't received my Chronicle but on the Shooting Events page here under "Costume Contests/Awards" it says:


Saturday, June 21

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM - Mounted Shooting Costume Contest at the Main Arena


• Mounted Shooting Costume Contest part two continued from Friday:


The Mounted Costume Contest will be held in the main arena from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM. You do not have to be a Mounted Shooting competitor to enter this contest, but you must be mounted or in a cart pulled by an equine partner. Dress in appropriate attire, this is a family event!


Judging will be divided 25% each in the following areas:


1. Originality.

2. Detail to include horse and tack.

3. Presentation.

4. Authenticity.


You will have use of a lavaliere microphone, or an announcer will read a script you provide. You will have approximately 1 minute to make your presentation.


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Best Dressed Costume Contest Judging at the BELLE UNION SALOON


• Best Dressed Costume Contest:

Saturday night is the time to dress in your finest and participate in the Best Dressed Costume Contest at END of TRAIL. You MUST pre-register for this contest. All entries MUST be submitted by noon, Saturday at a designated box in the SASS Compound. Also, for the very first time, you can pre-register online at the END of TRAIL page on the SASS website: www.sassnet.com. Registration forms will also be in the shooters, conventioneers, and waddies’ packets.


Costumes that have won first place at either the SASS Convention or END of TRAIL competitions are excluded. Previous first place winners are not excluded; they just need to enter in a new costume. Costuming that has won awards at Regional or State competitions can be entered. Best Dressed Costume categories are Best Dressed Male, Best Dressed Female, Best Couple, Best Military, Best Junior Boy and Girl, Best B-Western Male and Female, and Best Classic Gunfighter.


At 9:00 PM, there will be a promenade of all contestants around the dance floor in Founders Hall, and contest winners in 1st through 3rd place will be presented immediately following the promenade.


9:00 p.m. - Best Dressed Costume Promenade and Awards

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The information from CAT in the Chronicle is correct. There will be NO best dressed costume contest at EOT. One more reason to keep the Convention. At least a nice indoor place to wear fine gowns, etc. without ruining them in the dirt and mud.

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Congratulations on a brilliant decision. The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting won't have a costume contest. You might want to change all the advertising that is misleading folks into planning for it, including the information that is in the schedule posted on this website.


Some folks (like teachers) CAN'T take off to go to the Convention. Lorelei was really looking forward to the costume contest at EoT.


It's really good to know that costuming is now relegated to the bottom rung on SASS's ladder.

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Pards, like CAT says, if this doesn't work out they can always change things. My wife Copper Queen was a judge at some of the EOT costume contests last year and, to put it mildly, turnout was disappointing. Several trophies went unclaimed because there weren't enough entries to award them to. Maybe this will be a "wake up call" and more will take it seriously. CAT was VERY disappointed that there wasn't more interest.

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This is our very first EOT and I'm not working it, just shooting and playing! And we were really looking forward to participating in all the costuming events. Many of us had already started our outfits.....this is really a very big disappointment. My first EOT and hardly any costume contests.....all dressed up and no place to go!!!!! <_<

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This is pretty disappointing. My first EOT was in 2006. The shooting rotation i was on, didn't even allow me to enter the contest due to the late finishing time on the Saturday. Spent many month's making my dress, lugged it and all the other accessories for it to the US from Australia, to find out i was too late to enter, by the time we got back to the range.


This year will be my second EOT, now i find out this, having already spent time working on another costume, that there will be no opportunity to wear it.This is meant to be the biggest and best, the Big Daddy of all shoots. Just don't understand.


I bet women back in the 1800's had dirty evening dresses, nothing a little soap and water can't fix.

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Well there sure are going to be some disappointed people with this decision.


I know people have been planning and sewing since EoT last year, shame this decision wasn't advised to people earlier.


I just can't get my head around the fact that it is the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of Cowboy Action Shooting, a COSTUMED shooting sport. This match should be setting the bench mark for shoots throughout the world and be the premier shooting event that all aspire to. This has to include costuming.


Even though there may only be a few dedicated competition entrants it was still the formal part of the match where everyone could get dressed up, now there is no night for that.

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Oh great.... I finally talked her into going "hey, it will be fun and you can see all the cool costumes" and now there are no contests? Uh OH... I feel a storm brewing. Let's see, "Gee, how was I supposed to know?" or "Look, there are costumes everywhere, Dear." or "See, honey I told you it would be great fun watching the shooting in the 95 degree heat."

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I'm greatly disappointed that there will be no costume contest at EoT this year. We went in 2007 and that was the first time I ever entered any costume contest. Even though I didn't win, it was a fun learning experience, and I was looking forward to this year's costume contest because we couldn't make EoT last year.


Since that first contest I have been in charge of the Jail Break costume contest and will also be doing the costume contest at Ride with Pancho Villa this March. It seems to me that this lack of a costume contest at EoT may just cause other matches to cancel costume contests because of "lack of interest."


Yes, it was hot and dusty at the EoT costume contest in 2007, but we had an understanding posse that let us and another couple shoot first on the last stage so we could rush back to the motel, shower, dress, and rush back for the judging. One of my favorite photos is of me with the Judge all dressed up that night. Some people didn't even recognize me all dressed up as a lady. It was a chance to "show off" my beautiful outfit that took hours and hours for my friend to make for me just for that contest.


If it was going to be cancelled, at least it should have been announced much earlier as many people start getting ready up to a year or more in advance for this, the world championship match and costume contest.


Please reconsider and reinstate the Saturday night costume contest.

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I was shooting the warmup match at Gunfight at the Tombstone Livery and people started asking me what I thought about no formal costume contest at EOT this year. Since it's February I haven't seen the February Chronicle, yet. I never come over to the EOT forum. So this was the first I'd heard. But I'm stunned. It's the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.


This is just wrong on too many levels.

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The format change at EOT for having the main match awards on Saturday night makes a lot of since. The Wild Bunch is to be congratulated on this move. This change means that certain other things need to move to other days to allow for the awards.


From Captain Baylor's earlier post seeking input on constume contest entries it appears most people that like to costume do not like to present. Thus the suggestion to have either walk around judging or judges that ask questions and the participants just answer them (not really a presentation). For an event of this size it makes the most since to have a fixed time and place to judge costumes using the question/answer style. This is in fact the format Cat has outlined. She is looking to improve the participation of all the well dressed folks that have not entered in the past. Great Idea to try and see if the participation can be increased. So all of this makes perfect since and should be a step toward improvements.


Now however, I totally don't agree or understand why the Best Dressed categories have been eliminated. The desire is to increase particiaption thus the removal of the presentations. But changing to just shooting costumes defeats the purpose of increasing participation. As has been stated by many folks costumes are planned and begun production a year ago and a lot of effort and money has already been spent. Not everyone has the opportunity or funds to make EOT every year, so some folks may have been working towards this contest for more than one year. The SASS EOT site already had a time and place within the schedule shown that would allow for the judging of the Best Dressed categories on Friday with awards that night. So the conflict with the new schedule for awards was taken care off.


Personally I will not be able to enter the shooting contest in the Military Category because I shoot Classic Cowboy, so although the Military category is what I compete in all the time I will be denied the opportunity this year if the Best Dressed category is not reinstated. Like so many others have already stated I have been working on my costume since EOT last year. If Best Dressed dissapears from EOT the World Championships then are the Regionals next followed by State. OK I'll get off my soap box now.


I respectufully request that the Best Dressed categories be reinstated to see if the particiaption can be increased with the new format of questions/answers replacing the formal presentation.


Scout (Best Dressed Military EOT 2008, Convention 2007, 2008)

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Well, never let it be said that your voices have not been heard. You spoke up and let it be known that costuming is still important to the members of SASS. You said you wanted a Best Dressed costume contest at EOT. Your voices have been heard and SASS is listening. We have been talking with Cat quite a bit the past couple of days and she has asked us to post the update.....there will be a Best Dressed costume contest at EOT!!

The contest will be on Friday night, details such as time to be announced later. There will be two categories, Best Dressed Female and Best Dressed Male. You get to decide what your "best dressed" is, whether it be classic cowboy/cowgirl, B-Western, Native American, Victorian Day Dress or Evening Wear such as ballgowns, period tuxedos, dinner gowns, etc; it is your decision. So, put on "your" best dressed outfit and enter this contest. Alli, Kate and I can't wait to see you all there and see what wonderful outfits you are going to wear!!!

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