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  1. It was my pleasure!!! Very glad they run well and I was able to help you and Colorado Big Al’s family!!
  2. Texas Lizard....did you try and send funds...?????
  3. Send me your address in a PM and I will go to Post Office tomorrow & figure out shipping cost. Thank-you!
  4. SOLD Payment Pending 3 - Hammered Plastic Cowboy/Hat Boxes $25.00 each + shipping cost to you
  5. Texas Lizard - Please send me your mailing address through PM
  6. Tacobill - You can send payment of $73.30 via Pay Pal to bnc85ant@aol.com
  7. Awesome..... please send me your mailing address through PM
  8. Please send 53.30 to email: bnc85ant@aol.com thank you!!!
  9. Ack....just noticed shipping wasn’t included on post....+8.30.....are you still OK with this???
  10. SOLD- 60ct - 45-120 basic new uncut Starline brass.......$45.00 SOLD- 86ct - 45-110 new Starline brass ......$65.00 +shipping $8.30
  11. Sorry.380 was sold first day...just received payment yesterday.
  12. Just checking in to see if we are still a go on this?? Thanks! have an awesome day!!!
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