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  1. Aspen Filly SASS # 50535 From: Born & raised in Owatonna, MN Living in Denver, CO area since 1984 Home Club: Sand Creek Raiders in Byers CO Shooting since: 2003
  2. Hey Singing Sue just sent me a heads up on this....We live about 1 1/2hrs from Rollinsville. PM me her complete address so I can map quest exactly where I would be going. If the weather is bad...some of those roads can be tricky. You can also text me at 303-434-1204
  3. Awwww your a sweetheart-miss you guys!!!
  4. How come I can’t pull this company up anymore??? What did i miss??
  5. Oh Lord help us!!!!! Lol bwaaahahaha
  6. Thanks for explaining it so well....Singing Sue is also one of the moderator’s on the Facebook page also. The Cowboy Hotel page is just for that...please no ads for items sold...I can’t even do that and I’m married to Aspen Wrangler!!!!Bwahahaha!!!! ;-D
  7. CDC/ state health etc....all over rule a contract. They can cancel anything with the words Covid and pandemic
  8. In the costume categories-we don’t have age breaks
  9. Legends and Land Run were always back to back shoots...dates got changed and now Land Run is same week as Legends. I used to drive like crazy between the two shoots for shooting/vending. It was awesome because I could get to 2 regionals in 2 weeks.
  10. Winter range usually runs somewhere between 600ish-750ish for total shooters....Black Jack Zack could quote numbers more accurately than I.
  11. Aspen Filly’s One of a kind custom holsters. email-jfantom@aol.com Facebook voice call or text-303-434-1204
  12. Sure hope you guys are doing well Down Under!!! Miss seeing all my Aussie Friends!!
  13. A sampling of work done in the past!!!
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