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  1. 125 lubed bullets in this batch
  2. I appreciate everyone’s responses, now I have some more rookie questions for you all. I loaded 50 rounds of 38 special with 10 grains of APP and 50 with 13 grains. I went to the range yesterday for some practice and to try out the new loads. Both the 10 grain and 13 grain produced plenty of smoke and I preferred the 10 grains in my pistols. Now here comes the big problem, after about 10 rounds of the 13 grain and 30 rounds of the 10 grain the carrier in my 1873 rifle got so cruddy it completely locked up. Prior to shooting the carrier had been cleaned / lubed with ballistol and I did shoot several rounds of smokeless before trying the APP loads. What is my problem? Too much blow by? APP not good with ballistol? Thanks
  3. For those using 10 grains by weight and 125 gr bullets and no filler are you concerned that the powder is not all the way to the bottom of the bullet? Using Larsen’s method I think it takes closer to 13 grains to fill to the bottom of the bullet Thanks
  4. I’m considering loading 38 special with APP black powder substitute. Does anyone have experience with a good load for this? Thanks
  5. You did not mislead on this one! I practiced with this for the first time today. The absolute smoothest rifle I have ever touched!
  6. How far do you strip down pistol frames before putting them in the cleaner?
  7. I just recently purchased a Lyman ultrasonic cleaner for gun parts. I used there solution for cleaning the cylinders for our stainless steel Vaqueros and it did a decent job. I’m curious what everyone else is using for cleaning solution and what all parts do you clean in the ultrasonic. Thanks!
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