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  1. If you are interested: I found the fix. It's the "button", which is actually a pin. The pin is too long, the hammers over travel a good 1/8 to 3/16 inch. The pin needs to be filed/ground until the hammer over travel is about 1/16 in. The pin is difficult to remove, so filing off too much pin is a mistake.
  2. I'm looking for a Butt Stock for a Yildiz 12 ga Double. I'd rather get a butt stock to cut down for my Buckaroo grandson than cut this one down. Let me know if you have any leads on where I might find one. Thanks
  3. A new to me Yildiz 12ga has a problem. I'd like to speak to someone who knows these guns. The gun has been slicked up pretty nicely. The main spring (hammer spring) has been reduced. The problem I see is when the gun is open the barrels want to "spring back" towards the closed position. This gets in the way of shucking spent hulls. There is a small "button" on the forestock hinge that connects with bars in the frame, which cock the hammers when the gun is opened. That button is still in contact with the bars when the gun is open and cocked, causing the barrels to want to spring back from fully open. My questions are: 1. Can that "button" be ground down to a length just long enough to cock the hammers but not play on the bars when the gun is open? 2. Is it a hammer spring thing and I need to further reduce the hammer spring tension? Thanks
  4. Hey Big Gus, THANKS!

    I could use the brass next Saturday, but I can wait.  Beggars can't be choosers.

    If not next Saturday then the next Plainsman Match I know of won't be until April.

    Just send them when you can send them.


    I will gladly pay you for the brass.  And if you has as many as 50 you are willing to sell, that would be great.


    And thanks again!


    Jim Devereux

    50 Price Blvd

    London, AR.  72847


    Taos Lightning

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    2. Big Gus, SASS# 66666

      Big Gus, SASS# 66666

      $9.45 address on box

    3. Big Gus, SASS# 66666
    4. Taos


      You got it coming.

      THANKS SO much!


      bang, bang, with smoke.

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