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  1. Pepper spraying an officer or threatening to, is a felony in most states. That is a physical attack and if all you get is face planted, you are lucky.
  2. Too late, all pistol powders gone already...
  3. @Doc Red Dawg, SASS #16761 could you send pics of the Colt 44-40 and the Schofield 3 1/2"?
  4. @John Barleycorn, SASS #76982 will steer you right. And yes, learning[and un-learning] new style does take time. And remember that the Piettas and Ubertis can be slicked up beautifully too. See what fits your hand best by trying different grips and styles.
  5. Hi Robyn, if you haven't already gotten it pick up Lee's Book on reloading, it is a GREAT start for anyone getting into the hobby. It is really clear and very well explained.
  6. Oh man, that brings memories! My Chevelle had factory am/fm WITH cassette, a Craig underdash 8track and a JC Penney 23 channel CB!
  7. Sorry John, but the Commander has the full grip length frame as the 5" Gov't Model.
  8. @Blackwater 53393get better! Praying for you here.
  9. The youngsters will learn why #2 pencils are handy with the cassettes!
  10. I ordered their Christmas album for my wife in November, it finally arrived in February! But she loves it.
  11. Cheddar cheese, grilled onion and A-1 sauce, that's my idea of a burger. Miracle Whip? EGADS, my friend you need serious help.
  12. Yup, 8 million. The CEO of CCI/Federal put that in perspective when he pointed out that if each of those new gun owners just bought 2 boxes of ammo that was 800 million extra rounds the factories had to produce!
  13. The Beretta Tomcat is a tip up barrel, so you don't even have to rack a slide to load. .32 ACP so light recoil and a single stack magazine that is easy to load.
  14. I am using a 7" Schofield and a 5 1/2" Open top Army in .45 Colt right now and love the longer grips on both. Will I ever find another Schofield? Time will tell.
  15. Great news @Widder, SASS #59054, do your therapy, let your body heal!
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