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  1. Quite possible. You can see if the firing pins are proud of the breech face. Also you may see marks from them dragging when you close it. Had a 28 ga that did this horribly and had to have the pins ground shorter.
  2. I too don’t use self checkout unless forced, ie no checkers at all. I did learn that self checkouts have an inherent flaw. They look for an items weight on the scale under bagging. If you put lots of weight on the scale, it becomes overloaded and no longer checks each item. This can be helpful if you don’t want to deal with putting everything on the bagging area. Just load the bag area up with a few water jugs, then it’s essentially disabled and no more messages that you skipped bagging.
  3. I had a on demand 15 years ago and hated it. Took forever to get hot water, then would get a slug of cold if you stopped for even a second. It froze one winter and we went back to a tank. They take a ton of energy as it’s hard to heat the water quickly without lots of heat. This is why tank heaters work. Small heater, longer time to heat the water. if I was to do it again, I would try an on demand with a small tank as those are supposed to address the slugging issue and long heat up times. Also my new house is a better location as gas on demand need to be close to a outside wall. They can have to use special exhaust vents due to the high heat.
  4. To answer the original question, ruger wrangler pistols and Henry rifle, not the yellow boy. The “brass” frame 22 have different stock geometry and are not close to my 1894. The steel frame guns are similar geometry. Widder’s, soft stroke is easy to do and slicks them right up. Rugers are the same, even the same grips and at around 200 per copy, a cheap option. Spring kits are the same as well. The single 6’s are nice, but a lot more $$ than a wrangler. If you want adjustable sights, super wranglers are an option for another $70. Adds adjustable sights and 22 mag cylinder.
  5. I have been working through by last order of 180g TC 44 cal and been looking for a new vendor as it appears Penn has closed shop. I would take a couple 1000. Used to be able to get a 70lb pack from them. I am sure my mail man hated them.
  6. G1 shape vs G7 shape, it’s been driven by long range shooting sports and long range hunting. It’s been interesting to listen to the Hornady podcast and then start looking at bullet stability, length, weight per caliber, twist rate. Older SAAMI spec cartridges are mostly designed around G1 shapes and thus slower twist and lower BC. Newer cartridges are G7 shapes, longer, heavier for caliber and need faster twists. Since action lengths are fixed it has required new cartridges to be developed to get the longer bullets to fit correctly in a magazine. Imho interesting and can see the development over time.
  7. Pass for me. I do like a dash of the original on occasion and the green is quite good.
  8. Motorcycle helmets are commonly painted. Just look up Troy Lee. He is famous for his designs and made a successful business from painting helmets. My only concern would be the solvents damaging the internal foam. Not sure if it’s removed before painting.
  9. Unfortunately with the water temp around 50, if they were not found quickly, there was no chance. Even at that temp your body gets shocked and without a pfd, you might not come back to the surface. I have watched people go in while racing sail boats and almost not come back up. That was only a 2 ft drop, not falling from a bridge.
  10. The mag ban was mostly ignored. You could still buy them at gun shows and a few shops. Friend bought a used polymer pistol that had a “high” capacity mag and it came unassembled in a baggy. The current law does nothing and I expect a AW ban will be equally effective.
  11. Just listened to a podcast on this decision by a Florida gun lawyer (this week in guns). He felt it was decided correctly based on bruen and this particular cases merits. The man was charged with possession of a firearm, no criminal record other than being in the USA illegally. Had a job and permanent housing in Chicago. the basis of the case was analogous laws put forward by the state were reviewed under bruen and found they were not analogous in text tradition, and history. Thus the plaintiff prevailed. After listening to him, this is probably a good decision and could be helpful in fighting gun control.
  12. I am sure the current administration won’t let this ruling stand and will appeal it. In the end this may actually be a win for gun rights.
  13. It’s guaranteed to pass. Colorado is now California East and has been for a while.
  14. My point was that there are other machine guns that run that fast. It’s not impossibly fast. Mostly unusable without a lot of training. Btw the “switch” was not invented by glock. It was originally invented for police and military, yet no police or military use it as it wastes ammo and is not as accurate.
  15. 5744 is a great powder for light loads. Around 20g should be a really light load. I found the light loads were gun dependent for speed when working up sub sonics and loads varied by a grain or two between barrels.
  16. As others have said, they cycle that fast, but in reality with magazine changes and overheating actual rounds fired in a minute would be far less. It’s 20 rounds per second, which is fast, but not unbelievable fast. Paint ball guns are faster. The glocks with a switch empty a mag so fast and muzzle rise is a thing that they really don’t hit much. Less than 1 second to empty a mag, unless it’s a drum or huge stick. You can look up how a “glock switch” works. It’s patented, so the uspto site has the patent and drawings of how it works. Pretty simple, the slide moves the sear on its way forward via a little wedge shaped part mounted to the back cover on the slide. Supposedly some air soft guns are so correct that the part will fit and work in an actual firearm.
  17. In many ways circuit splits will help get one of these cases to the Supreme Court quicker. Circuit splits are bad and one job is for the Supreme Court to remove them. Also they have shown they don’t like to jump the gun so to speak. Cases have to move through the system first.
  18. Any pictures of your mod? I had two of them and no luck. I do like the design and think it should be an improvement, but my gun didn’t like them. Would jam regularly just like the OP.
  19. This is the truth. 410’s run 25-30 a box around here if you can find them. Promo 12 ga/20 are probably 6? That’s almost 20 a box savings. 15 boxes would pay for a stoger 12 ga.
  20. I could not get it to work on my remlin. Had to go back to the stock extractor.
  21. Two that really stand out to me due to selection are specialty sports in Colorado Springs and Gordy and sons in Huston. Specialty sports is an old Walgreens, the whole outside wall has long guns on it. Gordy and sons has the nicest selection of high end shotguns I have ever seen in one place. Sub $10k outside the vault, 10k+ inside the vault. We got to go in the vault and saw many shotguns that cost more than my first two houses put together. Amazing stuff. for old time shops, shootnden in Colorado Springs is a classic shop. Great owner and has lots of good used stuff come through. I got a set of flat top 44 specials from a estate of a ruger collector. Have not run across another pair since.
  22. No idea why you 28ga are not allowed. Seems silly considering there is no minimum velocity or shot weight for shotguns. Considering you can easily load a 28g load (3/4oz) in a 12 ga, why not allow the 28? I shoot a 28 for most clay games as I can just buy light loads instead of having to load them. For sass I shoot a 20 ga load in 12, 7/8 oz. I expect most don’t shoot full power 12ga loads.
  23. Race with a guy who’s dog considered his daughter his person. He swatted her for doing something wrong, the dog bared it’s teeth and would have gone after him if he had done it again. Dogs can be very protective of their people.
  24. The ww2 air museum in Colorado Springs has two of them and both are operational. Btw they sound great when idling. My distillery was just across the creek and would often hear them warming up.
  25. With ignition off, the engine won’t start. It would turn over if the clutch was out, freewheel if the clutch was pushed in. This case is often used on off-road motorcycles on extreme hills where you would be walking the bike down. Dead engine, in gear and use the clutch as a brake. Easier as the clutch is on the handlebar while the brake is foot activated. a rolling vehicle with the engine off is pretty quiet, but not silent. Tires make noise.
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