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  1. Fiocchi makes a reduced power target load that is reasonably priced and is very smooth- that is what my 12 year old son is using (I use it too).
  2. Got it. Can't understand the lack of love on here for 20 gauge, but it is what it is.
  3. Where were all of these buyers at $1,000 to $1,200 a few weeks ago when I had an Ithaca/SKB Model 100 in almost new condition listed at $850 and finally let it go at $825 shipped?
  4. Hello BD. Just got home and double checked the barrel length- it is 25". MW is correct regarding the chokes- imp/mod. I will update the listing with that info. Oregonian
  5. PGFH- thanks the trade offer, that is a very nice rifle! I am going to have to pass as I am currently thinning the herd.
  6. For sale is a really, really nice Ithaca/SKB Model 100 in 20 gauge. 25" barrels. IMP/MOD chokes. Locks up super tight, with an excellent bore. The metal is almost flawless, and the wood is super nice- no issues, just a few very minor blemishes. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer one. I know that many prefer the 12 gauge to the 20 gauge, I have both and I have to say I much prefer the 20 gauge for CAS. With reduced power shells these handle, point and shoot like a dream. If I recall correctly Johnny Meadows uses a 20 gauge Ithaca/SKB. This one seems to be all original and you can keep it that way, or send it off to the Smith of your choice to be worked over. $895 shipped and insured to your FFL.
  7. You won't be disappointed. I received mine Thursday and they are really nice! Missouri Marshal is a great partner to deal with- you don't pay till your satisfied!
  8. I just placed my order. I had been eyeing different loading blocks and decided on these. My first custom piece of CAS gear!
  9. Sending out an Application for our shoot in July in Eastern Oregon, we would love to have you come over.  

    Violence at Virtue APP 2019.pdf

    1. Oregonian


      Hello HMD.  Thanks for the invitation for the shoot in Baker City.  I haven't been in that neck of the woods for 3-4 years, but always enjoy it there.  I'm just starting out in CAS, but if I can swing the trip I most surely will join the fun!  Oregonian (Jeff)

    2. Hunt Mountain Drifter

      Hunt Mountain Drifter

      That would be great we had several new shooters that came to our 1st Annual last year and hope that we get more this year.  My Pard Charlie McNeil were talking the other day we will be making a trip to shoot Redmond  sometime for a monthly match.

  10. send gold check is fine to



    12141 7th st



    send me your shipping inform

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