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  1. Thanks Oregonian, but if I sold my sm p. primers than that would leave me with nothing. 

    1. Oregonian


      No problem.  

  2. Clearly I touched a nerve. Jealousy isn't my thing- I don't need to flip gear to make a buck. Enjoy your profit, anything for a buck.
  3. Actually, it affects everybody on the forum looking to buy gear. Who exactly is "butt hurt"? I'm not the one losing my cool.
  4. Most folks don't have the luxury of being tied to their phone waiting for the next bargain to pop up- unless they are making a business out of it.
  5. That may be so. On the flip side, it denies others the opportunity to pick up gear they may need at affordable prices. To each his own. I've said my piece.
  6. I depends how you interpret "sour grapes". If you are cool with snapping up every good deal on the forum to flip for a profit, okay then.
  7. If the 1k NATO brass are $30 shipped I will take them.
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