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  1. Jax T, it's yours! I will send you a PM with my email and we can go from there.
  2. NCD. I'm not sure. I believe that IAC was the importer. I think they were sold by various vendors, including Coyote Cap if memory serves me.
  3. Clearing out a few shotguns I am not currently using. This is a really nice lever action Model 1887 clone. It is very gently used, almost as new. The wood is very nice, with no issues and only a couple of very minor blemishes. The metal/blueing is also very nice, with only a very minor rub mark and small surface scratch on the left side of the receiver. The overall fit and finish is really very nice. It does not appear to have had any action work, but the action is surprisingly smooth! The 20" barrel is chambered for 2.75" shells. The bore is bright and shiny. Send it off for the 'drop two' mod, break it in a bit, and you are good to go- this one is in really nice shape! $585 plus $35 shipped/insured directly from me to your FFL in the lower 48 states. I am open to shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, but at the actual cost. I prefer USPS Money Orders, but we can discuss other options.
  4. I'm thinning the shotgun herd a bit. This Model 12 was manufactured in 1955 and is remarkably good condition. The action is smooth and tight, and the bore is bright and shiny. The orginal butt pad has been replaced with a Pachmayer pad. The safety selector lever is marked "CROWE", which I believe is a period correct part. $695 plus shipping to your FFL.
  5. Hey Pete. I know they were marked in some way but I can't remember how/where they were marked. They had a numerical unit marking for logistical/accounting at the armory during check in and checkout. We had a brass chit with the number of our assigned duty weapon and our name and rank. We would pass it to the armorer at checkout and he would give it back to us at check in. What I can't remember is any "US Property" or "USAF" markings. Maybe someone with less years than I can remember!
  6. That brings back some memories. Carried one from 1978 to 1982 in the USAF. Still own a safe queen. They are a sweet handling and shooting revolver!
  7. I purchased this a couple of months ago for an engraving project which fell through. It is a nice, original, early 1892 rifle built 1n 1907. Honest use and wear, with a great even patina. It has a 24" round barrel. The bore is not perfect by any means (visible rifling, frosty with some rough areas), but should be serviceable. The wood appears to be original and does not appear to have been refinished. The stock is in very good condtion- with some dings and scratches ( and the initials "RV" carved lightly on the right side near the reciever), but overall very nice! The forend is in good condition- with an old chip on the top left side under the rear sight, and several wear and handling marks. I do not see any evidence of cracks, repairs or refinishing of the wood. The metal has little, if any, original blueing. I believe that the sights, butt plate and other hardware are orginal to the rifle, but I do not have enough expertise to say so definitively (please pm me if you believe otherwise and I can update the listing). I have not fired this rifle, however the action seems to be smooth and tight. Weather permitting I may take it out this weekend and do so. If that happens I will update the listing with a range report and target. $895 shipped directly from me to your FFL or C&R. If your FFL requires it to be shipped via my FFL add another $15 to the purchase price. Please feel free to ask questions and I will be glad to answer to the best of my ability.
  8. A good deed indeed! I fled Californiaquite a while ago because of the nonsense- but I think we need to support the gun folks still in the state as best we can. A lot of good people still there, and it isn't as easy as many people say to 'just leave'. When I came to Oregon it was still gun friendly, even with the liberal rulers in Salem, but that is changing quickly in Oregon and Washington. We too have many, many gun owners.d
  9. I have a really nice early (S/N 05 01049) Norinco lever action Model 1887 clone. It is in great shape and appears to have seen very little use. The action is smooth and solid and the bore is bright and shiny. It has not had the drop two modification, and I cannot speak for any other action work, but it looks untouched to me. The wood is really nice, with just minor marks here and there- no cracks, chips, gouges. The metal is also very nice- with some rub marks on the left side of the action and a small finish blemish on the top of the barrel about 2" back from the barrel band. The screw heads are clean and not bubba'd. I have tried to depict the flaws in the photos. Overall, a really nice, clean, unmolested early IAC Model 87. If you are looking to put one of these in your safe, I don't think you can go wrong with this one. I am asking $585 and I will ship it insured anywhere in the lower 48 states for $35. I am open to Alaska and Hawaii, but the buyer must pay the shipping difference. I would prefer USPS Money Order, but we can discuss payment options
  10. If you split it up I would be interested in the Lake City.
  11. You won't be disappointed. I received mine Thursday and they are really nice! Missouri Marshal is a great partner to deal with- you don't pay till your satisfied!
  12. 1964 Chevy K10 Fixed it for both of you!
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