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  1. Hello BD. Just got home and double checked the barrel length- it is 25". MW is correct regarding the chokes- imp/mod. I will update the listing with that info. Oregonian
  2. PGFH- thanks the trade offer, that is a very nice rifle! I am going to have to pass as I am currently thinning the herd.
  3. For sale is a really, really nice Ithaca/SKB Model 100 in 20 gauge. 25" barrels. IMP/MOD chokes. Locks up super tight, with an excellent bore. The metal is almost flawless, and the wood is super nice- no issues, just a few very minor blemishes. You will be hard pressed to find a nicer one. I know that many prefer the 12 gauge to the 20 gauge, I have both and I have to say I much prefer the 20 gauge for CAS. With reduced power shells these handle, point and shoot like a dream. If I recall correctly Johnny Meadows uses a 20 gauge Ithaca/SKB. This one seems to be all original and you can keep it that way, or send it off to the Smith of your choice to be worked over. $895 shipped and insured to your FFL.
  4. Just got back in town. Responding to interested parties via PM.
  5. I've never removed the cover, but it sure doesn't feel like it. If you're seriously interested I can remove it and check.
  6. For sale is a really nice Ithaca/SKB SXS shotgun. 12 gauge, 2.75" chambers, 25" barrels, with excellent bores. The metal is almost like new- I don't see any flaws. The wood is very nice- no cracks, chips, splits. A few dings on the stock , the forearm is excellent. The grip cap and butt pad are very nice. I believe that this one is original, I don't think it has been worked on. Either keep it stock and use it as is, or send it out and have it tuned/set-up to your tastes. $1,235 shipped in the lower 48.
  7. How long ago was that? They seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Mostly a mix of USGI and new parts.
  8. PM sent on the XXL paisley vest.
  9. PM me your email address so I can forward pics and info.
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