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  1. WOW! thank all of you for the great information, guidance and sources. Merry Christmas you all
  2. Can someone recommend a source for fire lapping, reaming cylinder throats, and tools for chamfering the forcing cone on Ruger Vaqueros?
  3. Got a reply from Starline Tech...He said "I don’t know much about loading black powder, but every time I’ve seen a black powder load that has separated it has been loaded with a wad or some other type of filler." Since I am loading 38-40 cases which are bottle-necked, I will be loading with all powder, no filler.
  4. That's a good idea. I will find someone who can do it. Worth checking.
  5. Good info. And it makes sense to me also. I plan to fill powder to at least the top of the neck as you suggest. I am in the process of pulling all 1000 that I have loaded with filler. Also I soak the fired brass at the range in moose milk until I get home. Then I wet tumble them and dry them in the sun. Lots of sun here in south Texas. Thank you Cliff Hanger.
  6. Hmm, good question. I wondered that myself.
  7. Ah NO. 38-40-180gr are .401 Same bullet I've been using for years.
  8. thanks GJ, I pulled 100 bullets. New brass. No corrosion inside, no hard plugs. All of the filler was just as dry and grainy as it was when it went in. I plan to call both Pyrodex and Starline tomorrow. I do not plan to shoot anymore of these loads until I get to the bottom of the cause. I will post the responses from the manufacturers and the cause of the problem, when I find it.
  9. Yeah the front end of the shell has blown off and gets lodged in the bore. They are being fired in the same 38-40 Rugers that I have used for years, not in a 45 as someone suggested. I have to ram the shell piece out with a rod. The brass is new, fired first time. I pulled 100 bullets and found no corrosion, no plugging by the filler as some have suggested. I will call both Pyrodex and Starline tomorrow. I'll post their answers and what I find to be the cause.
  10. No I haven't. Why should I do that?
  11. Thank you Muley Gil, I may try the NEW kitty litter also. I'm sure it's cheaper than the PUFF-LON.
  12. Good advice! I will pull the bullets and dispose of the Pyrodex and filler. Then reload them with Triple 7 and PUFF-LON. I'll let you know the results.
  13. These were new 38-40 brass loaded about two months ago with 1 cc each Pyrodex and cream of wheat. The neck portion of the shell was lodged in the bore. I had to ram it out with a rod. I plan to try some Triple 7 with PUFF-LON as my filler. I will find the source of my problem and post the results. I sent an email to Starline today but I will call them on Monday.
  14. Based on your comments, I am going to stop using Pyrodex and cream of wheat. Converting to triple Seven and that ballistic filler, can't remeber the name right now. I checked with the manufacturer of Black MZ and yes it is discontinued. Thanks for the helpful comments.
  15. anyone have a comment on what may be causing my 38-40 brass splitting? Loaded with 1cc Pyrodex, 1cc cream of wheat. New brass. See photo.
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