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  1. If you don't know the exact number you can't lie to your wife.
  2. HD I hope someday to make it back to WV and shoot with you so keep the fire going.
  3. Fairly new at this game but have shot in Washington, Oregon and Arizona. When I get to retire I pan on making many more shoots in many other states.
  4. You should come down and visit us in Baker City we get quite a few Idaho Shooters.
  5. it was at the Oregon State Blackpowder Match.
  6. Check out JedI Tv it could be one of the Master Gunfighter side match.
  7. Sent a message to his wife on Facebook. She is usually good at getting back. Also sent him a text.
  8. Charlie what do you mean a "LITTLE" more flash?
  9. Talked to Cowboy Doug this morning he said that there would be some shooting going on the 22nd.
  10. My second time to Winter Range and first time to Volunteer. Looking forward to a great time.
  11. Croc, I have added some colored chalk from a chalk line in my shotgun Hulls for some cool blue smoke.
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