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  1. Wild West Mercantile has NCOWS compliant boots as does a few other places. Many NCOWS people like River Junction. https://www.riverjunction.com/Shoes-Boots_c_16.html https://www.wwmerc.com/cgi-bin/Category.cgi?category=7100&type=store Have you read the guide that NCOWS has on their website?
  2. A few years ago they sold for $250-$300. I don't know what they are going for in todays' market. Full-sized metal 9mm have fallen out of favor. I would think your gun came from the Prescott plant as my wife used to work on that line back in the early 1990s.
  3. RC has not been on the wire since 5:29 Saturday so he probably hasn't seen your PM. Paging @Rufus Cogburn You've got mail!
  4. His real name was Jim Elliott. He was the plant manager at Ruger in Prescott at the time.
  5. My 2005 Ruger catalog featured SASS member Elliott James. Anyone know him or of him?
  6. I was told there was a Cowboy World Records website that had Widder's epic GF record on it. Anyone have the address?
  7. ... I want to get a conversion cylinder for this new Uberti Walker. Before I get too invested in this, how easy is it to load and unload the conversion cylinder if I don't have the gun modified by cutting the recoil shield?
  8. I recommend posting photos of it on the Coltforum. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/colt-revolvers.17/
  9. Thanks for everyone's "help". I did a search for gun prop and as you can imagine I got a million hits on fake guns. It's kind of like when my teenage son was trying to find the website for Dick's Sporting Goods and did a search for Dick's... You can imagine the look on his face when he saw the results!
  10. I snagged this from a post by @RIDGE WALKER. It's his gun.
  11. Bucky O'Neil's Gun Shop in Prescott has one. They had it tagged north of $2000.
  12. This is the written policy at cast boolits: "I’ll take it" - There is no "I’ll take it" rule. It is at the sellers discretion whom they sell to.
  13. What is the prop seen in this photo called?
  14. The mods remove posts because they violate forum guidelines. "Personal attacks on members, cyber bullying, libel comments or bashing/slandering of businesses, organizations, individuals or corporations will not be tolerated. Threads deemed to be an attempt to “stir the fire” or are looking for support on their attack will be removed without warning. If you have an issue with a particular organization, business, or corporation, please contact them directly. If you have an issue with a member, please contact a moderator or administrator. " "We would like to remind all me
  15. Back when I was in the USCG we had to use the USAF base for our medical needs. The enlisted USCG uniform looked very much like a USAF officer's uniform when sitting in a car. Not only did I get waved through the gate, I also was saluted!
  16. Some call it the "Wack a Mole Reloader". They normally run $20 but these days they are going for $120 or more on ebay.
  17. My enlistment in the USCG ended while our ship was in the yards. We were getting new Fairbanks Morse engines after running the WWII Cooper Bess. engines to shreds. During our classes on the new engines we were given tie-tacks in the shape of Colt pistols because Fairbanks Morse was owned by the same company that owned Colt. I guess F/M engine tie-tacks would have been too heavy...
  18. The 32 S&W/NP is to large in diameter. They can't be resized to .32 Colt without lathe work.
  19. Sorry. I have to fix this...
  20. Your best bet is to watch Gunbroker for original brass. I found a handful at a gunshow in a odd-lot box of junk. .32 Colt is one of those rare forgotten cartridges that time has left behind. Good luck.
  21. .32 Colt brass is extremely hard to find. There are some being offered on GunBroker but they are not cheap. Tenmile sells reformed brass that will work in .32 Long Colt. I think it's 20 pieces for $20 plus shipping, which is cheap from what I have seen. He also sells heeled bullets. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/895702457
  22. I am heading out of town so I will investigate this later in the week. Thanks.
  23. I checked the spring. It is engaging the notch of the lifter arm. When I open the lever all the way the lifter is high enough, but in doing so the lifter spring is being pulled which straightens it. As soon as I release the lever, the spring flexes back which lowers the lifter 3/16".
  24. Here is easier but you can get more on GB right now. No fees here. Less flakes to deal with here. With the market as it is a local gun shop would also be good provided they have a good following.
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