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  1. Thank You , looking for a 97’ for wild bunch —-(I found one )—-
  2. Can the pin be removed , and the magazine tube becomes usable again ??
  3. Tarheel Doc , stick to USPS money orders , safest way for transactions with purchases with firearms ,and banks will cash them rather than depositing them . Splitthumb
  4. -(SOLD)- I have another real nice Win. 97’ take down model for sale , ready for competition . Splitthumb
  5. -(SOLD)- I have a real nice one ready for competition , PM me for details , and pictures . Splitthumb
  6. You can buy replacement stocks on eBay or gun parts America (Numerich out of New York )
  7. all 97’ stocks will fit either a 16 ga or a 12 ga
  8. Could you take pictures of the receiver end of stock ?
  9. I’ll take them if , they are not out on outside of legs ,
  10. Do you has the broken piece of the stock ?
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