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  1. I just shipped 200 44-40 bullets by priority mail. The buyer got a bag of bullets and the box separately. I had taped the box 6 ways from Sunday. not sure what happened but it was not good
  2. It lets you know if you are reaching or exceeding the correct temperature on the brass. I only use it when I set up to anneal. Once set up I run them through. I use the 650 degree Tempilac. I use a Bench Source machine and can do hundreds in no time. I bought the machine for my precision rifle rounds but it does all kinds of brass.
  3. It is where I call home since retiring 3 years ago. I love it here. Yes we still jump off the bridge the bridge every October (we dose NOT Mean me) not a big fan of our 9 month winter but summer is awesome
  4. I have always been a car guy. here is one of my favs. 440, 4 speed 4.11 rear and 4mpg
  5. completely understand this difficult call
  6. not interested in trades but i do have a 14-8 listed here in the classified. see if that interests you
  7. I have a set. I will look for them later today and get back to you.
  8. I will be listing a pair of Jimmy Spurs custom Ruger Bisleys (complete) in 45 Colt soon. Let me know if this interests you
  9. Extremely nice Model 14-8 in 38spl. Includes original grips and target grips. comes in original packaging. I bought this new. I have fired a few rounds through it. VERY accurate. 800.00 shipped to your FFL from my FFL. Not interested in trades.
  10. Prayers Pat. Get healed up fast
  11. all the way down to projectiles, so reloading is also effectively banned
  12. sorry to hear this RIP coach !
  13. actually your phone number has one too many digits.... @Skinny snake eyes pickins sent you a private message
  14. Text sent. You might want to blank out your phone number now. Thanks! HD
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