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  1. Yes the VCDL holds this every year. This year the level of urgency was much higher and that caused the huge turnout.
  2. Work Sharp Ken Onion edition has been incredible for me. I have had one for about 5 years now
  3. my daily carry knife is a SOG full auto. Holds a blade really well. It is nice to live in a state that allows the carry of full auto knives
  4. Unfortunately the BSA is likely done for. a shame really....
  5. Many years ago I earned this honor. Proud of it still
  6. My press required no adjustments when I switched to the STS or Nitro hulls from AA hulls
  7. Might be the case at your range but when I inquired here at our range the owner took me to a 55 gallon drum and gave me 500 STS hulls to get me started.
  8. I saw pre game in one poll that OK was a 13 point favorite
  9. still undecided....... Headed to South Carolina for a match in a couple of weeks. Will try to decide after that one.
  10. Thanks GW. I will wait for Darren to respond first. IF he is not interested then it will be yours.
  11. I have one in 44-40 that I never used. how does 100.00 shipped sound? pretty sure it is 3"
  12. I recently read "Forth to the Wilderness: The First American Frontier 1754-1774" By Dale Van Every. Long but excellent read. Non Fiction.
  13. Track of the Wolf has some nice ones. I couldn't do without my possibles bag. I carry my cap lock muzzle loader during much of the hunting season here. here is a link https://www.trackofthewolf.com/List/Item.aspx/423/2
  14. ‘This partisan hissy fit was forseen by the founding fathers. It should be made right by the senate.
  15. is that cutout in the stock for a patch box that he never installed? free bump for a very nice rifle
  16. I like my 1911s but my Glocks are the real deal if things get serious. Glock 19 with me nearly 24/7
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