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  1. This is a very special rifle. From the original run of Deluxe models in 44-40. Fully engraved. Extra fancy Walnut stock. 2500.00 Firm shipped to your FFL. Comes with all original packaging. A spectacular rifle. No trades.
  2. here is the option I chose. It works with all your tool heads as it slides into the center hole. works well. http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1669
  3. in my experience, they run about one size small. so if you wear a size 40 jeans then size 42 in these should fit fine.
  4. alignment tool fixed mine up perfect. was having same issue. they take you through all the basics first but the tool will fix it.
  5. Yet it was easy to find per your website instructions
  6. Any pics of this whore? Seriously I would like to see it
  7. up again. This is a spectacular rifle. Classic cowboy ready
  8. y'all gonna make me drive to Iowa next year......
  9. I thought you might..... No not throwing in the towel. Just selling off a bunch of excess that I do not regularly use. I LOVE these guns! My main match revolvers are a pair of Jimmy Spurs 5 1/2 inch Bisley in 45 Colt.
  10. This is a very special pair of Ruger Old Model Vaqueros. These were done by Shotgun Boogie. They are Bisley 44-40s with short stroke and half cock upgrades. VERY fast actions and smooth as butter. 1850.00 shipped to your FFL. No trades accepted.
  11. Hi Dawg. She is located near me in Bridgeport, WV
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