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  1. Love to have you join us. Will it be just you? I need to give them a firm headcount at least the morning of. Had not thought about the dress but I will likely dress cowboy. Maybe not full CCB. Not planning on bringing my guns. My wife will probably dress civilian, lol.
  2. I am sorting out my gear now. Hit the road a week from tomorrow. Cant wait to meet and shoot with you all. I have a table for 10 at the Brookville Hotel on the 2nd at 5:30. As of now I think there are 6 of us going to be there. 1052 miles to go....
  3. Look here. http://saas.shopsite.com/magnusbullets/store/page10.html not exact but he may be able to help you
  4. never mind. I saw the one posted above. It will work fine
  5. My bachelor party was at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Asbury Park NJ in 1975. I was kinda wasted..... but the music was AWESOME. I have a pretty large vinyl collection that I still use to this day.
  6. If you eat bunch a donuts I can fix you up..... https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/286156-withdrawn-from-sale/
  7. I don’t see the 44-40 offered in 19” in their online specs/catalog. https://www.uberti-usa.com/1873-rifle-and-carbine are you sure it is not 20”?
  8. I love my 45s and 44-40s. So much fun to shoot. Sold all my 38/357 guns and added a pair of 44-40 Vaqueros, a pair of 45 colt Vaqueros, and 2 1873 Winchester (Miroku) rifles, one in 45 and one in 44-40. The 45 rifle gets dirty quickly but stays reliable with its annual cleaning. The 44-40 looks like it has never been fired even after several matches so far. I am not recoil sensitive and my revolvers are Bisleys. Both calibers are easy to reload and components are easily obtained. Knock down will always fall if you hit them. Good luck with your choices. have fun in the process.
  9. thanks! a good 15 minutes spent.
  10. We will be having our first and last match as a SASS affiliated club this Sunday. Our club was killed by opinions such as this. The match director has resigned. I agreed to put on this match but will do no more. I will not spend my summer mowing and building for folks that only come, shoot and leave.
  11. my credit card texts me if they have something to say
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