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  1. I don't reload so I buy 38 special cowboy loads from Georgia Arms in bulk. Works out to 25 cents per round. I keep the brass and sell it for $4 per pound so my net cost is 21 cents per round.
  2. You got it. As soon as I get off work I will send you a message.
  3. I have 15 pounds of 38 special brass which is approximately 1530 pieces. Mixed head stamps and unprocessed. $75 includes shipping within continental U.S.
  4. Based on what you wrote - 357/38 shooting .38 specials. You can't go wrong with a Ruger but don't rule out the Colt clones from Uberti. I love my Taylor's Cattlemen and the price is great. To each his own - try them all and shoot what you like.
  5. Hello. I joined the forums using the handle Ramblin' Randy before I had my official SASS alias which is Fightin' Chance. Could you please change my user name for me to Fightin' Chance? I would appreciate it.


    Thank you.


    Randy Fletcher alias Fightin' Chance SASS # 108008.

  6. Hi there Ramblin. Uncle Tater here. I must have clicked the submit button a second before you did. I just got my tin star with #108007 on it.  I’m looking forward to meeting and shooting with a few good folks as well as picking up a few new toys.

    1. Ramblin Randy

      Ramblin Randy

      Welcome to you too. I'm #108008 and my wife is #108009.

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