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  1. Howdy LQ, was the fore end wobbly before you noticed the crack ? I have one that's been wobbly for about as long as iv'e had it and am sure it could probably crack at some point too.
  2. Howdy Loosechange, this hasn't got anything to do with the gun's and the guy's have already covered that pretty good. You have mentioned some costuming ideas also. ya might want to take the same advice as you've been given about gun's here too. Something's that look really cowboy you may find out hinder you or are uncomfortable for you to move and shoot in. I would worry about gun's first, ask me how i know.
  3. I was in the local wal-mart yesterday and saw they had the first season on DVD on the shelf for $20.
  4. George is the true king, hope to see him this summer in Columbus, Oh.
  5. Looks like a nice rifle. Hows the action feel ?
  6. Totally agree with ya on this bull. I would stress having on hand some quality strong TP though, don't ask.
  7. That yellow pair would earn him extra style point's for sure.
  8. Howdy Mark, can ya use a one armed man on saturday ? Can't shoot yet either but i'm dying to get back to Hard Time's.
  9. Even some of us mid pack shooter's have some misses too, it's just to bad sometime's my darn gun's have more.
  10. Does the new 3 click system still load on half cock , or has that been lost too ?
  11. Good job David, I think you'll be happy with that rifle. I've been runnin one in 20" since 2012 with out a problem. I don't think Cody doe's there rifle's now, but at one time i heard he did. I do believe he source's his rifle's from Taylor's though. Either way you'll have a nice rifle, just be prepaired for that first ding or scratch it will happen eventually no matter how careful ya are.
  12. Here i thought it was just my crappy Centurylink internet.
  13. +1 for this. Just consider materials, time, labor and the craftsmanship that has went into this cart.
  14. Yul, i wouldn't be able to push that cart onto the range without my face crackin from grinnin from ear to ear so big. Love everything about it especially the O.K. corral scene in leather, awesome how their faces look so real to the actual actors.
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