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  1. Most of my gear came from Rattler and iv'e never been disappointed with any of it , and on top of that he's a first rate cowboy to deal with.
  2. I'm with ya on that one Bull. That's one fine cart just like all of Yul's work. If i was ever fortunate enough to own one of these masterpiece's it would probably set in the middle of the man cave floor with a spotlight shinning down on it. By the way got a kick out of the gun's and coffee emblem.
  3. Thankfully the Oregon District has a strong police presence. The way the shooter was equipped it could have been so much worse if the boy's in blue hadn't responded so quickly. Hat's off to these officer's and their bravery.
  4. Like other's have said , do your exercises at home. Since i was off work i made my exercises my job and made it a 2-3 time a day routine . It is no doubt hard at first but trust me it will get easier as you go. You will start to see gains every week sometimes after every session , thats a good feeling. Hang in there and good luck.
  5. Lassiter had these at our last monthly club match, one of my pard's got one. they look well made and could save your bacon at a match. Just carry it in one of your cartridge loops right on your belt and it's always with ya. Until ya try to do a reload on the clock with it.
  6. +1 for Michigan Rattler. Top quality work from a great cowboy.
  7. Hope your surgery went well. I know what your goin through, had mine done back in January and i know it's no fun and frustrating. Like other's have said listen to your therapist and do your exercises at home like it's your job. You'll be glad ya did, it will speed up your recovery and help ya regain your range of motion. You'll have good day's and bad day's but in the end it'll be worth it and it will be nothing more than a memory. Good luck and a speedy recovery.
  8. Iv'e been thinkin about installing one of the aluminum sleeve kit's in my .357 rifle's mag tube. Before i make the purchase i was wondering if anyone of you with experience with them had any feedback for me on the worth of the upgrade. Did ya notice any difference and enough that it was worth the coin. Thank's in advance for any help.
  9. Deadshot Dan


    Thank's Loophole , YEE HAW !!! It sounded right at 5am. Well look's like i know what i'll be watchin tonight.
  10. Deadshot Dan


    Don't have enough finger's and toe's , lost count year's ago. I love the whole dang movie , but i'd set through the hole thing just ta watch the gun fight between Doc and Johnny Ringo. Why Johnny Ringo, you look like you just saw a ghost. Yee Haw.
  11. My Stoeger did the same thing. The first smith that worked on it took a little to much off of the locking lug and it was opening on me 2 or more times a match. I gave it to Lassiter and he added a little weld , reshaped and polished it for me. Now she locks up tighter than a bank fault and is slicker than ever.
  12. So far this spring Iv'e seen a total of three field's in my area being planted, sure there's a few more but i'm bettin not many.
  13. I'm directly about 15 mins west of the range and all we got was one heck of a thunderstorm and more flooding. By the look's of the field's around here the 2019 farming season will be canceled. Report's today confirmed one casualty in Celina, an 81 year old man's car blew through his house, he was asleep. Very sad. Hope everyone weathered it ok and this weather straighten's up soon.
  14. I'm about 15 min due west of hard times, no storm damage just a heck of a lot of rain and lighting and of course flooding. Just what we needed.
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