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  1. I have used countless bricks of their subsonic 40 grain .22 long rifle. Heap good medicine that fills the air with the smell of rotten eggs.
  2. Now if we can just get the government to shut down we should have everything back to as it should be before long....
  3. Lousy or no marketing.... Then perhaps instead of everyone ( o.k. not everyone) high-fiving and sticking their tongue into sass's ear because they are moving to Indiana, they should be asking why is nothing being done to promote growth. Who cares where headquarters is. Location has nothing to do with whether we'll have an association in a few years or not.
  4. Yeah we all know slim was great in the westerns, but he also kicked a$$ in 1941 with John Belushi.
  5. Never worn but tags are off. Men's XL, Max-5 camo pattern. Waterproof, windproof, soft and quiet. 3 zippered pockets, velcro on cuffs, toggles to snug up at waist. It has a little greener tint then the pictures show. I have a few of these already broke in and earning their keep so guess I really didn't need this one. $50.00 to your door in lower 48.
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