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  1. ...... but could they use a picture like that these days without being arrested, shamed or protested.
  2. No cussin' or discussion of shipping costs allowed......
  3. Guess I haven't gotten anything from them lately, but I have found their shipping way more reasonable then Brownells. These days isn't everyone overcharging for shipping? And the post office is leading that charge. And most places do seem to charge for return shipping....unless it was their screw up.
  4. Good luck Birdgun! If you have the willpower to do this, I will buy you a steak supper on March 32nd.
  5. I have always used Clubman. Have tried others but nothing can compare in my opinion. Tried oil for a short time, seen no benefit and never understood why I would want to have oily hair.
  6. Myself I'd rather see him wear that then some guy walk in wearing skinny jeans.
  7. Denver fan here..... Not a Brady fan and not a Brady hater....but it is nice to see Mahomes deflated. Would be nice to hear Boomer Esiason get his tongue out of Mahomes ear as well.
  8. That would make you unloading the gun, right?!
  9. Not a left handed gun, the video is just flipped. If you zoom in you'll notice the pencil sharpener is backwards as is the lettering on the barrel, and the two boxes on the shelf have backwards 1 & 2 wrote on them.
  10. Never heard anyone complain as to the way it was before this new change. Makes me think changing it back would have everyone happy again.
  11. Looking at it on my phone and don't care for it. Things look kind of cartoonish now and harder to read. Old - New -
  12. Some states offer special drawings for smaller cash winnings if you send in your used tickets.
  13. Don't forget what else is in that dill pickle jar..... I put two or three tablespoons of juice in my can or mug of beer. Add a couple shakes of salt and you're good to go. A jar of juice is excellent for soaking hard boiled eggs in, after you take the shell off of course.
  14. Last fall I needed to replace a scope I'd had forever and was dreading getting used to a new one. I went with a Vortex Crossfire ll and haven't looked back.
  15. Several letters and packages taking way longer than normal. Whole system went to hell when mail-in ballots first went out.
  16. Yeah that sure sounds like a post office screw up. Any help from the postmaster?
  17. About two issues ago I didn't get mine when everyone else in the world had theirs. I called them, they sent me a new issue that arrived within a few days. Of course that was back before the mail-in election ballots seemed to screw up the whole length of time it takes for something to get through the mail these days...... Coincidence?
  18. There's a wives tale saying that the direction a cow is facing when she is bred determines whether it will be a bull or heifer calf.
  19. Probably not the meanest looking motor scooter around this camp, and it's not officially a combat or fighting knife, and it has a rubber handle instead of a ancient African hardwood and hasn't been hand forged by some ancient Japanese warrior, but I would grab this out of my pile of knives if I needed to poke someone in the belly and do a little damage. It's a Cutco made in the USA with a life time warranty. Best part is I found it.
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