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  1. The club name is actually this...... Illowa Irregulars. It is a combination of the word Illinois and Iowa. I have never been to a monthly, but I have been to Fall Round-up several times. It is a great match on a great range put on by great people.
  2. Maybe because these days it would be against their human rights to wake them up early enough to eat breakfast...
  3. When you live in one of God's countries .... Sandhills of Nebraska as an example.... they will fill up with snow or over time blowing sand and need cleaned out. Many cattle guards will have a gate right next to them or very close by so you can push cows thru when moving them.
  4. Through the 80s and 90s in my Ford pickups I had a radar detector mounted underneath the ashtray. When I got out I would pull open the ashtray to hide the radar detector as they were a pretty hot item to steal in those days.
  5. Yep, You better live on the rez if you want to try that one. LOL
  6. No reason to shoot a fox. Eagles do far more damage then fox.
  7. I guess I didn't realize I needed to get that detailed and explain the whole simple procedure, but yes go ahead and shut the gun or break it down and use just the barrels. Further details would be you can check two at a time. Works for me anyway.
  8. Guess I'm lucky I shoot a sxs ....... I've always just checked mine by dropping them into the chamber. I have never had one that did not fit. But if I did I would just set it aside for practice round. One le$$ gadget to buy this way.
  9. I'm not talking about making gun carts out of it..... I'm talking about cutting it down, leaving it lay behind a fence so people can walk around it complimenting how beautiful it looks as their all mighty tourist dollar is collected.
  10. Been to it and by it countless times, still don't get it. Would be the same as this... " If you think this giant Redwood is beautiful now, wait till I take a saw and lay it on the ground."
  11. Any match that I have ever shot right there at the Heartland Range at Grand Island, besides SASS matches, has required the use of yellow chamber flags. Not anywhere else.
  12. Or here, https://montanavintagearms.com/product/leather-sacks/ Or better yet make your out a some scraps. Personally I leave the beads off.
  13. I watch very little TV and see even less movies. Last 2 times I was in the theater several years ago was to watch Jane Got A Gun and The Revelant. Every year for Christmas I get the latest season of Yellowstone on DVD....... I just got done watching that a couple weeks ago. I sure don't need any recommendations from Hollywood pukes as to what I should watch next.
  14. ...... but could they use a picture like that these days without being arrested, shamed or protested.
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