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  1. HITS? What are they? My philosophy is miss fast enough to win!
  2. Thanks all, I may up my order and skip the test phase
  3. WOW! Thanks for that JP. That's an impressive graph, if only I understood it
  4. Yep, some here are already having to cut it at 3 or 4 stages at the club events to eke out what they can get.
  5. I am looking at Vihtavuori Powder as my other powders run down. I have looked at the data available, but it is mainly for jacketed ammo or 158gr proj. I have some N320 on order. Does anyone have some cowboy loads for 125, 130 or 140gr proj? EDIT- 38 spcl.
  6. Thats OK we don't really exist and if you come here, we are all actors. Really bad actors but actors none the less Why do flat Earthers say there is no such country as Australia? - Quora
  7. Yes. Some family in New Zealand and friends in Tasmania are posting amazing photos.
  8. Grey Nomad (what we call retirees travelling around the country in caravans)
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