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  1. That is the exact same response they published in April 2021 except the date was 2021 not 2022. I would guess its on the backburner until they sort a number of other issues they are having with the whole range of their powders and facility upgrades. Someone said that a Canadian firm may be looking at making TB and given the number of us asking about it surely its profitable? I would say if you have enough to last you til 2023/24 then crack on, otherwise start looking for what you are going to turn to when your supply runs out. I realise the above is all assistance short of actual help but I think that's the way it will be.
  2. A link to the ADI site where its made. The date is April 2021. Some of the other powders are also sold by Hodgdon (2207 is 4198) http://www.adiworldclass.com.au/2021/04/16/propellant-update-rifle-powder-update/ From that link Trail Boss – This propellant is unlikely to be released in 2021 and there continues to be an active research and development project associated with its delivery.
  3. Parole, RTA (Return to Australia) its all in the eye of the beholder (or Parole Officer).
  4. I think we aren't at to much risk of running out of those around here
  5. Back home and enjoying good bread and coffee after a six month deployment. Its not bad when your biggest gripe is the food.
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