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  1. Marshal, I've taken many an online class (Post/Thread) from the ALPO University.
  2. Now this is an awesome display of gun control!
  3. There are approximately 20,000 stray dogs in Nassau alone, with just as many cats. The Humane Society lost 113 animals when the shelter was hit by Hurricane Dorian.
  4. I personally feel that I have increased my knowledge base tremendously after attending many of the classes (Posts/Threads) that have been presented by the ALPO University here on the SASS SALOON Forum. The University
  5. And now, what has society turned to.... Instead of neatly written envelopes, it's a tray of roses. Instead of a formal dinner, it's paradise beach!
  6. Looks to be an interesting film taken from a young boys' perspective. Not something I'd run to the theater to see, but later. His imaginary friend choice is an interesting concept.
  7. Ah, young grasshopper Pat. For the true answer, you must look within.
  8. "Whatever you do, don't pay no never mind to that Alpo character!" Did seem strange at the time.
  9. These best buds decided that they would settle their kick-boxing final match in a friendly manner.
  10. Sawhorse Kid, Just don't make the mistake of calling yourself a cheater and....
  11. Diagnosed with a tumor in her neck at 6 month, 2 surgeries and 4 months later...
  12. @Shotgun Willie Nelson, You're guaranteed a clean match! Cheating Charlie just beat me to the punch line!
  13. Especially if they're free! Blocks of cocaine wash ashore from Hurricane Dorian. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/brick-cocaine-washes-florida-beach-hurricane-dorian-waves-n1049506
  14. Toilet Bowl that is. Your weekend Match cancelled due to inclement weather? Stay home and shoot the "T" Bowl. This shootout is one your significant other won't mind.
  15. Again, Walmart will only see us as Waldo's!
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