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  1. Rye: As a note, the steps that Keystone and I originally provided were quick keystroke methods that relate to going to VIEW in the toolbar. Both of us were trying to provide the quickest route to take without a lengthy explanation. Apparently being an I-MAC operates differently. I'm assuming it all can be explained by:
  2. @Rye Miles #13621, Let's check something else. Go to the bottom of the forum where you will find: Click on the drop down arrow for Theme: Which one of these has the check mark?
  3. @Rye Miles #13621, The forum appears smaller than normal and you are seeing this on your computer correct? Try this quick solution to see if it works: While the forum is on your screen - Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press the number "0" and see if that increases the image size. Let us know if that made any significant change to what you see.
  4. Rye: Not to worry, it's probably all in your head. I've had the same thing happen to me from time to time.
  5. If you ever decide to upgrade, Samsung has unveiled it's new folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Some consider it the Millennial, Gen-X flip phone. Personally, I will be keeping my current phone for several more years. Forgot to mention the price: $1,980.00!
  6. Just wish that the names were supplied or labeled to each picture.
  7. Good time for a PSA: Expanding the billboard image I found the following: And their website: https://doihaveprediabetes.org/
  8. I make sure all my food is date stamped with the expiration date.
  9. Yul, Most posses would LOVE to have Pat join them... moves everyone up a spot in the rankings. Sorry Pat, I couldn't pass that one up. Even I would LOVE to posse with you.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS - OKLAHOMA DEE As you should. Well earned, and well deserved.
  11. Because as long as you've been with her you should know her preference!
  12. @Alpo, I respect your choice to purchase actual tea leaves to make your cup of tea. In these rush - rush times we live in now, most of us, IMHO, tend to take short cuts, at least I do. That means purchasing tea bags. Some 46 years ago I found that I was drinking way too much coffee. It started when I was in the Air Force working those swing and midnight shifts. Lots of coffee being consumed. Back then, it was 3 - 4 teaspoons of sugar to sweeten it. Then about 20 years ago, I used my will power (back when I had some to spare), to start cutting back on the amount of sugar I put in my coffee. It was a tough road, but I found I could only get down to 1 teaspoon of sugar. I still needed that sweetness. That's when I made the switch to creamers. Started using Half & Half in my coffee, and only occasionally, the specialty creamers. Zip to the present, and I still found myself drinking too much coffee, especially at work, even though without the high sugar intake. Never was one to drink tea, period, as I found them to be too bitter for my taste. Until I came across a tea that actually tastes good without the need to add anything to it. I now supplement my coffee drinking at work with both bottled water and this tea and have found a happy medium. Sorry if this got too off topic.
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