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  1. Wolfgang, Yup, just like grapes only not in a cluster, but individually found on the trunk of the tree.
  2. @Yul Lose, I feel for you Pardner. Best I can suggest might be to order from Amazon. May need to get a bigger freezer though or invite several friends over.
  3. My wife got cute with breakfast this morning... But I just couldn't bear to eat it.
  4. MORE NOTHINGNESS TO GET US PAST PAGE ONE! Hold cursor down - sweep between emojis
  5. @Alpo, Maggie Moo's has Butter Pecan Ice Cream without the pecans. Check for locations near you. Our closest one is in Orange City shown below.
  6. All this talk about advanced technology and changing systems is beginning to worry me. I'm afraid I may no longer be able to play my 8-track tapes! ** Pic provided for the younger generations.
  7. To ALL our fellow SASS Members who have served our Country, that are either still with us, or have passed on I salute you for your service. The fact is, their service, in whatever capacity or campaign they served in, provided for our freedom.
  8. Here a short primer: http://recordhead.biz/difference-blu-ray-dvd/ DVD Blu-ray
  9. Hey a Seinfeld post about nothing. There once was a Post well designed, but whose author was not so inclined. For he wrote something kind, Then became quite resigned. Leaving "Oops" his final "Never Mind".
  10. Birdgun, Keep in mind, us cowboys don't much take to read'in manuals, instructions, much less directions.
  11. Primarily Horseback; however, on those numerous occasions on trips with the wife into town... It's the single horse drawn buggy.
  12. AGT 2016 This 14 year old does it beautifully.
  13. Summer is over, fall is here, but hurricane season is still in full swing! December 1 can't come soon enough.
  14. Got a real kick from the raccoon photo bomb!
  15. Based on the above, the polling so far shows: 9.3 - Quigley Down Under 6.8 - Monte Walsh 2.3 - Crossfire Creek 2.0 - The Sacketts 1.5 - Last Stand at Sabers River Note: Decimals were used when a response was split
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