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  1. Notice that when the OP changes the title of a POST, a message appears indicating said change. Neat feature.
  2. @Calamity Kris, Now you've gone and done it. I learned something about the song I never knew. She was never saying, "requesting quiet". https://articles.eklhad.net/quiet
  3. Not sure what type of firearm I'd be getting, if weren't for OTTO!
  4. Looking to increase my arsenal of firearms with a Home Defense Shotgun. Which category would be best? * Pump Action * Semi-Auto * NON-NFA * Bullpup * Break Action * Lever Action Based on what you have or your personal experience would be appreciated.
  5. Let's hope you open the bottle using the rifle end and not between the legs! OUCH!
  6. @Eyesa Horg Your wish has been granted! Sent you an email with a Key Code. You have two (2) wishes remaining. Choose them wisely.
  7. Not sure how Disney does it, but there are scenes in their movies that bring tears to my eyes. . Latest....... Men do have an emotional side. My wife loves it.
  8. Forty Rod, Not to wory. The nude floormat has auto korrect softwhere built in.
  9. Eternally grateful for his service to our Country. His fellow servicemen and servicewomen will welcome him with open arms.
  10. Chili Ron, Thanks for the post; however, I got zippo from it!
  11. Makes some pictures hard to see. Case in point, this beautiful pic of a mother polar bear with her cub on an ice flow.
  12. sassnnetguy50, That's the way to do it! Ask a question, seek help, and when you get an answer(s), give them a along with a thank you post!
  13. Feel free to add your appropriate song title. "I know you're out there somewhere"
  14. https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/juno-spacecraft-discovers-fm-radio-signal-coming-from-jupiter-moon/
  15. I airways use sweep to make my entries. Someone's outs just fun to see what pro comes up with. Maybe next tone ill fix the worries. * I always use swipe to make my entries. Sometimes it's just fun to see what otto comes up with. Maybe next time I'll fix the errors.
  16. ... for now. Going with my backup plan for intruders. Try anything stupid and your butt will be toast!
  17. And for sunset rides along the Florida coast...my favorite ride!
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