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  1. The first gun I purchased was a S&W Model 10 .38 Special handgun from a local hardware store in Montgomery, AL. I purchased it on layaway and still have it some 43 years later.
  2. I am not sure it would fit the 10/22 bag with both spacers installed. You might have to go with the longer bag made specifically for the PC Carbine. The 10/22 case is 22 1/2" long and the one for the carbine is 25" long. Both are a bit pricey on the Ruger website, $85-$90. I was able to purchase one locally from an individual for $40, They can be found on eBay at times.
  3. It fits. Ruger does make a bag specifically for the PC Carbine, but the 10/22 bag works. On my Carbine I added one of the spacers to the stock and it still will fit in the pouch and the Velcro flap will close.
  4. I picked one up recently and plan on shooting it for the first time this weekend. I got a Ruger 10/22 takedown bag to carry it in.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas. I don’t think removing them is an option. They appear to be attached by rivets.
  6. I have a leather holster rig that has a lot of conchos on the belt and holsters that are starting to tarnish (turn green around the edges). What is the best way to clean them that will not do harm to the leather?
  7. Not long after starting to shoot I switched to duelist and continued to use my regular holster rig. I shot with my right hand (strong side) and drawing from the left holster I would switch the revolver from my left to my right hand. It seem to me that switching to a cross draw would work better by eliminating the transition of the gun from the left to right hand. I had a cross draw holster made and have never looked back. It does require some thought about stance at the shooting line and drawing, but I love it. As a duelist I shoot a little slower than other two-handed posse members, but maybe I get a few style points for shooting duelist.
  8. Printed application and looking forward to attending another great match.
  9. Have it on my calendar and hope to be there again this year.
  10. Pat no offense taken. I am just seeking a better understanding of the PCC arena, not trying to mix up cowboy and other modern versions of firearms. Over the past year or so I have seen the topic come up in discussions among cowboy shooters. I don’t think anyone wants to mixup the two different styles of shooting. Most CAS folks I know are generally gun guys at heart that like to shoot all types of firearms. It seems to me that having the opportunity to shoot a PCC while at the range at the end of a CAS match is not a bad thing.
  11. What I am seeing is different from our normal cowboy lever action match rifle. In fact it not cowboy at all. They are shooting AR style rifles chambered in 9mm like a SIG MPX PCC.
  12. I have noticed lately some cowboy matches are offering a side match or at least an opportunity to shoot a Pistol Caliber Carbine. School me on the topic. What PCC would you recommend to someone that might like to try it out?
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