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  1. An alternative would be a brass plumbing fitting over your existing bead glued in place. That is what I did with my SKB and it works and looks great.
  2. For me the fact that Hickok45 would take this step is symptomatic of the depth of the internal problems at the NRA. I pray that all the infighting and ranker will end soon and the NRA will re-emerge a stronger and more focused advocate for the Second Amendment.
  3. First let me say that I am a strong supporter of the NRA. I hate that the organization is going through a rough period. Hopefully it can refocus on its core function and once again live up to its membership's expectation. The latest announcement today is not encouraging. The NRA has let go its most famous spokesperson, Dana Loesch, and ceased production of NRATV.
  4. Rolan Kraps (Dave) and Bea Itchin (Carol) were among the first to welcome me to the sport of CAS several years ago. She was always a delight to be around and will be greatly missed. At the recently concluded 2019 SASS Georgia State Championship, Posse 1 (my Posse and the one she was scheduled to be on) honored her with the “Spirit of the Game” award. When it was announced at the awards banquet, the crowd gave her a standing ovation. That speaks volumes for how much both Rolan and Bea are though of by the SASS community.
  5. From now on, I think for major matches I am going to start checking each shell. Those that don’t pass will be used for practice.
  6. Interesting. I found a video from MEC that shows it being used on empty hulls being resized. Any concern about using it on a loaded factory round?
  7. I don't normally case check new factory shotgun shells, but decided to so with a new box today. This was after having some fired shells stick in my SxS at a match this weekend. In a box of 25 AA shells, ten (10) did not pass. This seems to be a problem. Anyone else had this experience? Should I start checking all shells, new and reloaded?
  8. Just booked a room at a new Hampton Inn in Fayetteville, TN. I think that they have additional rooms available.
  9. My usual cowboy round is HSM in .38 Special. Works great in both the rifle and pistols. I have been saving my brass and plan to switch over to reloading my own ammo later this year.
  10. SASS Alias: Tony Crowe SASS #: 99966 Where you are from: Georgia (originally from Alabama) How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 4 years
  11. I would vote for allowing direct posting of photos. I am a member of a gun forum that allows direct photos to be posted and it works great. It does use more bandwidth, but it makes for a better experience for the members.
  12. Same here ^^ Congratulations Kajun!
  13. Roll Tide Roll! 26 wins in a row and Clemson is NEXT.
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