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  1. Not looking for a fight, but I am curious, if the game warden has "the right to inspect" and/or "implied consent" then why would you need to get a search warrant or impound any property? You already have "the right" or "consent", who needs a warrant? Seems to me that would be an illegal seizure of property without probable cause. I've never been a game warden, but my time as a street cop makes that seizure look illegal as heck. Sure, tell him "No, you can't search my vehicle" He replies "Don't care. Gonna search it anyway." If he has the right, he has the right. Your opinion is irrelevant. But impounding the vehicle on those grounds? Angus
  2. I'd say that's a natural reaction whenever something in your hands unexpectedly blows up and/or attacks you. Angus
  3. Every match I've ever shot had a LTO. Never seen a LTO "nazi", either. Angus
  4. YES!! Similar story. Local PITA we had a long history with was arrested at 0230 on the morning of his 17th birthday for breaking into and trying to steal a car. Sorry, not sorry. We're not calling your mommy to come pick you up anymore. You get to go to the big boy jail now. Isn't it amazing how many thugs want to call their mommy when they get locked up? One of our cells was right outside the roll call room so everybody (we ALL knew him) got to stop by and wish him a happy birthday. Angus
  5. I couldn't tell you how many times I was told: "You can't arrest me. You didn't read me my rights." Really? Watch this. <c-c-c-c-c-c-c=click c-c-c-c-c-c-click> as the cuffs ratchet closed. I worked next to a University. Everybody was a law student, or their daddy was an attorney. Angus
  6. EX: I'm willing to pay you your asked for price of $65 for your hat, and you agree (privately or publicly) to sell the hat to Alpo for $64. I do not know the dictionary definition of an auction, but, I'd say you and Alpo had dickered over your asked for price. You said $65, he said $55. You said $72, he countered with $62. You counter offered $64 and he agreed. SOLD to that rascal Alpo for $64. Sounds like a typical Garage Sale discussion to me. Just because you discussed different prices doesn't make it an auction. If you had stuck to your original asking price of $65 telling that dirty-dog Alpo "Take it or leave it." Would that still, to you, make it an auction? Q: Did I tell you I'd pay you $65 for your hat before, or after, you agreed to sell your hat to that pole-cat Alpo for $64? If not - too bad, so sad. Angus was late for the party. I should have spoken up earlier. If so -shame on you for undercutting me to that good-for-nothing Alpo. (What!? Does he have some dirt on you?) An auction - "I've got Ms. Allie's hat here. What'll ya give me for it? Do I hear $150? You know it's a bargain at twice the price." Alpo - "I'll give you $10." "Shame on you Alpo for such an insulting low bid. Anybody serious out there?" Angus - "I'll give you $53" "That's a little better, but still low" Alpo -"$60" "Now we're getting somewhere" Angus -"$65" "$65 going to Angus. Once, twice..." Alpo - "$64" "SOLD to Alpo for $64!" Angus - "???? what just happened there?" I hope that helps explain my take on the question. Angus Disclaimer: No Alpos were hurt in the writing of this post. I understand he's got a good sense of humor.
  7. I'd call that "haggling", or "dickering" over a set price. An auction would be when two, or more, fellers keep pushing the price up by outbidding each other. The price in an auction is fluid and you can't just say "I'll take it" at some previously discussed price. It does make me smile a bit at the thought of two fellers bidding: "$73.00", "I'll give you $64.00" "I bid $60.00 even" Angus
  8. You would think that, but, no. I tried to teach a guy to shoot and warned him about the potential problem before he fired a shot. He did it anyway. "I warned you not to do that. Hurts, don't it?" The next magazine he did the same thing. He was a slow learner. Proof that stupid CAN hurt you. Angus
  9. Bought a one of a kind item (statuette) several years back that had a thick round crystal as a part. When we received it the crystal was broken. No reimbursement of any kind from USPS unless we gave up the item. Well, crud! It's not like we could just order another one so we kept it. Super glue holds it together now, but it's nowhere near as nice as it was before it got broken. The big crack thru the crystal really hurts. The darn thing was expensive. I just couldn't give it up thinking that some USPS rat was going to get it for free if I turned it in for the insurance. Thanks for bringing up bad memories. Angus
  10. Darn! Good deal! Sorry I missed out on that. I've been working on getting into WB, but haven't been ready to shell out the bucks for the leather, yet. For that price it could sit around until I've got the rest of the gear.
  11. I would submit that the original knife was designed to cut to kill and therefore, extrapolating from your theory, all knives are weapons. A baseball bat is a club. The original club was designed to kill, therefore, all clubs are weapons. etc., etc. I respectfully disagree with your logic. Angus
  12. I've got a pair of plain jane slim jim holsters on a plain black belt with a US buckle. There is minimalist enhancement along the edges of the holsters. I've been thinking about getting a new(ish) belt with cartridge loops in case I need a reload for the rifle. FWIW I use either a pair of '51 Navies with 7.5" barrels or '60 Armies with 8" barrels. Tangent: Is the plural of "Colt's 1860 Army" "Armys" or "Armies"? "Armys" just looks wrong and "Armies" would be more than one, but doesn't look right when talking about pistols. Certainly not "Army's" as that would be possessive, or a contraction of "Army is". Easier: "I've got a pair of Sam Colt's 1860s". Angus
  13. I bought a pair of springs from Numrich for my TTN a couple years ago. All I had to do was shorten the top end of the spring about 1/16" to get it to fit. YMMV Angus
  14. Of course, I already knew that. I just didn't want to sound too uppity and intimidate any newer shooters with my superior knowledge of such firearms trivia. That's why I stuck with the common man's terminology. I've only ever used round balls for my vast collection (3) of muzzle loaders. Well, except for my .58 Springfield which eats Minie's. Other than a few squirrels, I haven't taken any game with them. I'm more of a shooter than a hunter. Horizontal makes sense when explained like that. Thanks, Angus
  15. I had heard this somewhere a few years ago, but I wasn't sure if I was being fed BS. Kerosene to season a muzzle loading rod seems strange. A couple questions: Why someplace warm and why horizontal? How long do you need to let it sit in the open air before trying to use it? Any type brace or clamp needed to keep it straight while it's air-drying after the kerosene bath? I have a couple hickory replacement rods I bought from Dixie Gun Works a couple years ago but they're both just a little too big to fit in the, um, rod-holder-thingies (I hope that's not too technical for you guys) on the rifles. One is .45 one is .36. I'm guessing the only way to make them fit is to sand them down for the full length. Then I don't know if the above seasoning method is going to make them swell up again. I thought I'd try to burn a tiger-stripe design on the rods before seasoning them. Any suggestions on the easiest way to do that? Angus
  16. I don't recall the brand name of the shooting glasses I use for Skeet and Trap, but they were about $30 when I bought them ~15 years ago. They have 3 different lenses. Yellow, Rose and Brown. I almost always use the Rose color as they really make the orange on clay pigeons "pop". For clay target shooting you should really check out the rose type lenses made for clay pigeon shooting. The contrast is amazing. Yellow can make things too bright on a sunny day, but I like them for night shoots. I've never felt the need to use the dark lenses. For CAS and other target shooting I prefer clear lenses. Don't go cheap on shooting glasses just to save money. You only get one pair of eyes. Angus
  17. I started watching it from the beginning a little while ago. I'm getting real tired of Walt's obsessive compulsion against Jacob Nighthorse. Seriously, the man needs to be committed. He started out with a "let's get all the facts" attitude and it's turned into "Nighthorse is involved so I need to get him regardless of the method or consequences. Don't bother me with the facts." I am currently taking a break from the series. At least that's my .02 cents. Angus
  18. Is there something wrong with me in that the first thing I thought was "It's gonna be tough cleaning blood off those."? Angus
  19. I ran across this book I thought some of you might find interesting. "Story of the Wild West and Campfire Chats" by Buffalo Bill https://www.ebay.com/itm/313171075216?fbclid=IwAR0IIuyfN_JVPtt1Mw_dwa3XU3FH02SFStc6Yy3rXSMcT4looQXPZ9lNQfg Looks like it's going for $20 at the moment. I have no financial interest in this auction and if it's not allowed I will delete this post. Angus
  20. Working midnights the only place open that had food was the doughnut shop. You either brown bagged it for your meal or you ate doughnuts and drank coffee. Angus
  21. How did they make a bullet with a void in the middle? I'm not talking about the open base of the bullet, but the void in the front of the bullet that they call a "hollow point" that does not have any opening to the point, or rear, of the bullet. Magic? I want to see the bullet mold. Angus
  22. I'm a big fan of the Sig P938. It's only slightly larger than your P238, but it's in 9mm. Probably won't increase your capacity as it's a 8-shot with a full mag and one in the chamber. For larger capacity I carried a Browning High-Power for years and absolutely loved it. I don't have any hands on experience with any of the newer 9's. Angus
  23. I've always been a fan of a short story for the stage and a start line. It seems the story part has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Luckily, the start lines are still here. For me, CAS without some type of Cowboy line to start the action would lose a lot of it's flavor. Kind of like eliminating the costume requirements and stage fronts. Just plinking with guns. There's nothing wrong with plinking. It just doesn't feel Cowboy. That's my .02 Angus
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