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  1. No matter how many times I see this I break out laughing.
  2. Thanks. It looks like it's not going to be as easy as we hoped. Oh, well. It was worth a shot. I'm sure they'll manage.
  3. Question for you folks up in/near Chicago: My wife and in-laws will be tooling around Chicago tomorrow and were wondering how much the toll is on the roads up there. They'd like to have exact change available, if possible. I don't know which roads they'll be using. Are the tolls consistent around town and can you just throw the change in a basket as you pass, like other toll roads I've been thru? Any info about which roads cost how much, would be helpful. Thanks, Angus
  4. I heard the NYC mayor whining that it'll be a return to "The Wild West". You would think they'd find a new catch phrase. I think I've heard that "return to the wild west" crap every time a state has passed, or tried to pass, a concealed carry law. I remember it from the first time Florida made concealed carry legal and when my home state of Missouri tried to pass it the first time. Somebody really should collect video of all the politicians whining about a "return to the wild west" and string them all together. I'm sure it would be a lengthy video. Angus
  5. Yes, Records can be run to show all the vehicles registered to a particular person. They will also show the license plate and VIN. (Vehicle Identification Number)
  6. Sorry, I thought this had the store video of the shootout. Short story, guy walks into store with an AR type rifle on a sling on his chest. 2nd guy sees him walk in to store then waits for him to exit. #2 steps up behind #1 and puts a pistol to #1's head taking the rifle. #1 walks to his car, retrieves a pistol and a bunch of shooting ensues. #1 did not appear to do anything illegal while conducting business inside the store. #1 and his buddies flee the scene. #2 is shot and taken to hospital. This may be thug on thug crime, but the issue is that #1 appears to have been targeted for his firearm. Angus
  7. This is an example of what can happen if you Open Carry. I say carry what you want, however you want, but don't say this could never happen. 3 injured in St. Louis County grocery store shootout | ksdk.com (I hope the video works. It's a little frightening.) Carrying concealed doesn't make you a target. The fact you are armed should be a very unpleasant surprise to anyone trying to seriously ruin your day. The victim, in this case, was lucky he had another gun in his car. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do, I just hope this makes you think. Angus
  8. It looks to me like he got what he asked for. They fulfilled his off the menu request with the product they had on hand. And, if it were me, I'd likely have charged him a premium for ordering off menu. The fact he did not know what type of tomatoes or blue cheese the restaurant had on hand to fulfill his order is not the restaurants problem. If someone expects the restaurant to send an employee to the store to pick up the necessaries for the order then they should also expect to get a BILL (big bill) reflecting all the extra expenses incurred plus a premium for such a special order. Just because you can get whatever you want doesn't mean you won't have to pay a lot extra for it.
  9. "Will magazines for the Mk II fit the Mk IV?" Well, now, that is disappointing. I have several extra mags for my Mk II. I guess that takes magazine compatibility out of the equation when deciding between the regular or 22/45 version. Angus
  10. I only have two .22 pistols. A Browning Buckmark Target model and a Ruger Mk II w/4.5"(?) bull barrel. The Ruger is hands down my favorite and is, for me, the more accurate of the two. I'd love to have a Ruger Mk IV, but I can't decide if I want a "regular" model or a 22/45. Either way I want a bull barrel. The 22/45's I've seen all seem to have a skeletonized looking barrel. I don't like the look. A question for those that have a Mk IV: Will the magazines from the old Mk II pistols fit the Mk IV? I'm sure they won't fit the 22/45 models due to the different grip angles. I'm jealous of the guys with suppressors. If they ever remove them from the NFA list my first purchase will be a Ruger Mk IV with a suppressor. They're just too darn expensive now with all the extra taxes on them. Angus
  11. I saw that the top was popped off. I still find it funny as heck. I like it.
  12. My wife NEEDS compass directions. Tell her "North" "South", "West" and she's fine. Tell her "Right" or "Left" and she has to stop and look at her hands. The trick: Hold both your hands in front of you with the back of your hands towards you with your thumbs extended. The forefinger and thumb on your left hand makes an "L". I have to laugh every time someone tells her "Right" or "Left" and I catch her looking at her hands. She tries to hide it, but she's not very good at it. Angus
  13. Yep, I saw that, too. But did you notice the thing next to it? Is that a Hand Grenade? Two hand grenades next to a fire. Interesting decorating choice. (Don't even get me started on smoking while pouring Black Powder. Yowza!)
  14. I don't think they can decide what BS they want to believe or push. I watched a portion of "60 Minutes" the other night and they were getting hysterical about the devastating power of "High Power Assault Rifle Cartridges". They went on and on about the destructive power of the 5.56 mm "Weapons of War". One segment showed a Glock 9mm being shot into ballistic gelatin and an AR type 5.56 mm being shot into ballistic gelatin. Then they carried on about the extreme destructive power of the "High Velocity" .223 vs. the 9mm. Well, they did get one thing right: The 5.56mm/.223 IS a high velocity round. I guess their tiny little brains would have fallen out of their heads if they had tried a .30-06 or 7mm Mag. on the ballistic gel. I knew what I was letting myself in for when I tuned in the show. I just had to watch to see what unadulterated BS they were going to puke out. What a bunch of idiots. Angus
  15. I got a couple drops of Windex on my shotgun barrels once. It was there for about 30 seconds before I wiped it off. I now have two or three gray spots on the barrels where the Windex hit. I have no experience with Windex on browned barrels. Angus
  16. My dad had a collection of collections: Barbwire, lighters, coffee mugs, paper clips, nutcrackers, cap guns, "Spaghetti" guns (shoot uncooked spaghetti), pens, matchbooks, pencils, hole punchers (for validating tickets, different shape holes: clover leaf, diamond, spade, "+", etc.), and "what'sits". Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Oh, yeah, he had a bunch of PEZ dispensers, too. Angus
  17. Was there any reason you needed to qualify with six different guns? Or were you just having some extra fun while you were there? If you were just having extra fun I can relate to that. Angus
  18. Supposing you've got solar panels and they supply 100% of your household needs. Next suppose you've just installed a flux capacitor in your Delorian that you want to try out. Now, it's a given that your solar panels can't provide the 1.21 gigawatts needed by the FC, so what happens when you plug it in and give it a try? Does the entire system shut down? Or do the lights dim, the refrigerator struggle and the tv flicker while the system tries in vain to provide the power requested? If you start unplugging and turning off stuff until the power requested doesn't exceed the power available, do the lights pop up to full strength while the ice maker goes back to full function and everything is hunky-dorey? Just wondering. Angus
  19. WD, ISKD! (Well Darn, I Shoulda Knowed Dat!) Angus (I knew Israeli Defense Forces didn't make sense)
  20. Congratulations! (I still don't know what a reputation point is) Angus
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