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  1. Sorry my IT guy is messing with our email server again. Replied from another account. Hopefully that one goes through. Thanks
  2. Pard I hope all is well. I know this is a crazy time of year but am trying to see if this add was a mistake. I posted an I'll take it on that same day. Left you a couple messages on your shop phone also. Please call me 785-817-8650 or email joe@ietcombustion.com so we can finalized this. Thanks Happy New Year Posted 22 December 2016 - 06:19 AM I am pushing the reset button on this and resisting had some email issues with my Mac. This is my personal back up that has been a safe queen and never has seen a cowboy match. It's in really nice condition and has a lifetimes worth of c
  3. Have left two messages with no reply. Is this for sale or not? He's been on the wire so not sure why I can't get a response from him.
  4. Yeah hated to do it but it's a really nice shotgun at a reasonable price. Now I need to sell my backup. To offset some of the cost.
  5. Yeah I also purchased a pair of 51 navy's in 36 cal. They still have to be shortened to 5" and slicked up but they will be ready in a few weeks. Now if work will just slow down so I can shoot that would be wonderful.
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