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  1. ramifications i feel the same way! In an earlier post that is way I mention that when there is a clarification or rule chance all possible ramifications have to be considered. The more exceptions that are in rule or clarifications the more problems can occur .
  2. Let me play devils advocate . Let's say shooter one was removing his long guns in a safe way and shooter number two not paying attention walks in front of the cart. Shooter one is stuck because he was removing his firearms and can't stop. So are we to assume shooter one is guilty?
  3. Yes I know!!! It seems that TW wants a either a clarification or a rule that being sweep behind the line should be a penalty. As you stated the revolver is safe I wanted to know his thoughts. As for my other example should I be held accountable that gust of wind knocks over my gun cart and my long guns swept another shooter. Here is another WF . Shooter is going to the LT has their guns up and slightly forward and another shooter walks in front of them. The shooter with the guns stops abruptly and sweeps the other person. Should they be penalize? It seems to me that he made a general statement about sweeping and I wanted his thoughts if all sweeping should be included . To get a rule change or a clarification you need to look at all the ramifications that could happen before any action on a clarification or rule is taken. And if the new clarification or rule needs multiple exceptions is it really needed. Nawlins
  4. With your post we see your concern about being swept. You do know that any club can implement their own rules and regulations regarding the handling of firearms away from the firing line. So they can be stricter than SASS rules. All the ranges that I have shot at have been cold, so if someone comes from their vehicle and then to the loading table with live ammo in their firearms than they should be done for the day period. So let me ask a couple of WTC’s if a sweeping rule behind the line is implemented. A shooter with a Slim Jim holster with the barrel sticking out of the holster bending over to get something out of the cart and sweeps you with barrel. Should they be penalize? Let’s say I have an umbrella on my cart and gust of wind comes and knocks over my cart. Should I be penalize for sweeping someone? I do agreed with you I don’t like to be sweep off the firing line (and I have) but when I look to see if the actions are open I just tell the shooter to be careful with the muzzle. In all the years I have been in SASS I don’t recall seeing anyone coming to the LT without checking their actions first when leaving their carts. Yes I’m trusting that those firearms have been cleared and don’t have live ammo and if they did there is a penalty for it. Nawlins
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