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  1. Howdy, ROI class will also be taught at the match. You can message me for details. Nawlins
  2. I'm Classic Cowboy who likes chaps. i have been wearing the same bat wing chaps for a number of years. They are easy to put on and take off. The chaps were made from a light weight buffalo hide so they are not heavy to wear and not a problem navigating a stage. The cool factor for my chaps is there are barb wire scratches in the leather. Nawlins
  3. As stated in a previous post “Ladle pour and develop a cadence to follow through the process”. I was in the N-SSA for 24 yrs. I used the dipping method to make 1000’s ( 50 K +)of musket, carbine and 44-40 rounds. Also 45 -70 for my Trapdoor rifle. A large cast iron pot on a small hotplate works well. When using aluminum bullet molds I had a large piece of sponge foam in a small can with some water to keep it moist. Placing the mold on the sponge for a few seconds would cool it down. By using the pot method it is easier to spoon off all of the impurities that float to the top. Mixing in sawdust in will help cleaning the lead but it does crate some smoke. Nawlins
  4. New for this year the WB mini match will be shot first on side match day. After WB than the three stage squall mini match and the plainsman three stage mini match will be shot. So we are giving a shooter a chance to shoot all three. Nawlins
  5. Howdy kR, First thing LPL told to make sure that I to say hi to Bess from the both of us. We are looking forward to seeing you and Bess. Not this year for a military class. We could talk about it when we meet. Nawlins
  6. Howdy, This year we are having a five stage Wild Bunch mini match. Also Loco Poco Lobo will also be teaching a Wild Bunch RO class. Check out the web site for more details. Hope to see you there. Nawlins
  7. Howdy, I shot an original Smith Carbine ( breach loader) and never had a leading problem. Finding a good lube for your guns will help in performance. Nawlins
  8. I use a Lee hardness tester. It is not high tech but it gives a general idea what the harness is. I normally shoot smokeless but have cast thousands of civil war musket and carbine bullets in the 25 yrs that I shot in N-SSA . Using two hundred pounds of soft lead a year was not uncommon especially when your better half also shoots. You never had to worry about bullet hardness. I have been casting bullets for my 1879 Trapdoor since the mid eighties with a hardness of about 10 and shooting BP and was using the lead for the S&W. I 'm going to try to cast a softer bullet for the S&W just to see what happens . Hitting large targets is fun but shooting small groups with a revolver that is 138 yrs old is lot more fun. Nawlins
  9. Thanks for the replies. Last year I purchased a 1878 Smith & Wesson model 3 in 44 Russian. I'm using a 200 gr bullet ( with a # 10 hardness) with 3F BP. The bore is in good shape considering it's age. At 10 yds it has a decent group size. I would like to try to tighten it a little . I shoot CC and in one match last year I used the Smith and my repro Schofield. What a hoot shooting DD with both revolvers, was not fast and the TO did not have to use a hour glass for timing. Nawlins
  10. This is a BP pistol caliber bullet survey on hardness. What type of hardness is preferred? Hard cast ( Brinell hardness ) or soft cast? Nawlins Kid
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