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  1. WD,

    I have two 1050s, Both called Super 1050 and both setup for 38 sp.   I know one is tad different in a few minor things so suspect it ( one I bought from Black Dawge when they closed up shop on manufacturing BP ammo) to be an older model.  I keep the older one setup for BP and the newer one (purchased approx 15 years ago) set-up for smokeless.  I have been debating the bullet feed system but have not jumped into the buy just yet.  I have talked to those who have them and they get good reviews.  I do not think you will be at all disappointed in your investment and what bad can anyone say about Dillon in backing their products.  Also, there are several companies that offer little aftermarket items that even adds more pleasure in the 1050 reloading experience.  You might want to invest in a primer tube loader also (Dillon RF 100).  You can spent about as much time loading up 100 primers as you can knocking out 100 completed rounds on the 1050 (approx 5 minutes).


    Big hello to my friends at BBH.


    Billy Boots


    1. W. D. Pickett

      W. D. Pickett

      Howdy Billy!


      Thanks for the input.  I have a Dillon 650 but think I will order the Super 1050 with the CSI bullet feeder and the Mark 7 drive system.  I have the Dillon RF 100 (got it used from a Pard).  Have a lot of shooting in the future if the kids like it as much as they like the .22 rifles I gave them.


      W.D. Pickett


      Will pass the message to the BBH folks!


    2. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator
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