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  1. I'm thinking your right. Visits the others to try to set them straight. Lol
  2. Just get some Zippo lighter fluid. Rebrand it and nobody will know the difference.
  3. Never had a thread pulled but I've had my chain yanked a few times.
  4. I've found that with mice and rat nests that the main issue isn't the wires being chewed up. It was all the urine corroding connections under and around the nest.
  5. My brother had a really good technique for cutting metal, concrete, etc. with a circular saw. Borrow your brothers saw and don't tell him why. Works once.
  6. Right dead square in the middle of my noggin. At the cabin folks will comment about the silence. I hear eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  7. I use 5.5 grains of TB with my Lee 200 grain RNFP. A nice load for me.
  8. Mom would pickle a deer heart for me once in a while. Was great on sandwiches. Dad corned a venison hind quarter once. It was most excellent! He said it was the most expensive meat he ever ate.
  9. Far from all. A lot of shops around here still use lead. I melt a ton of them. I also work part time for an auto dealership group. Yep, they use lead too.
  10. I use a lot of subs but for hunting it's Goex only. The smell brings back 40 years of memories.
  11. Yep. Teach you to miss. All that work for nothing. Lol
  12. I think I'd have to give him a free pass if I saw that.
  13. Only good use I ever had for #9 shot was wasp and hornet nests. A 12 guage fly swatter.
  14. It was also in 1948 when the first guy zipped up his w@#$&r then.
  15. I walk to my den. My kids will be able to walk to the den. My grandson will never want for ammo. I'm good.
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