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  1. Hey Snuffy, I think I have a spare 10G primer seater. I’ll look tomorrow. FYI Track of the Wolf sells an excellent booklet on hand loading for 10g shotguns. They also have wads etc.
  2. I really think you should wait until after Trailhead to fix it
  3. Bought a nice Marlin 39A here on the sasswire. The Marlin Bullseye inset into the stock is missing. Every place I’ve checked does not have any in stock. Any suggestions?
  4. Following with interest. I have a H&R Trapdoor as well. Never had a problem. is this always or just occasionally? I assume the hammer won’t stay back?
  5. Just let me know. I’ll check my stock of 32 SW and load up a few just in case. Need some for the upcoming shooting season anyway.
  6. I’ve got a set of Lee 32SW dies. I don’t want to sell them, but I’d likely be willing to loan them to you for a month or so. Give you a chance to load up a box or 2. I’ll need to check my stock on loaded 32, may have to load some before I send them. let me know if you can’t find a set to buy.
  7. What they said. Basically you should have at least the diameter of the Bullet in the case.
  8. If Slim falls thru I’ll take it.
  9. My wife vacuumed up a primer and it popped. I was actually pretty surprised she wasn’t upset. But now she no longer vacuums the reloading room.
  10. A 6 yr old granddaughter can find primers where none exists! She climbs under my benches and pick them up for me!
  11. Hold out for the 45-60. I have one (nope, NFS!) they are great rifles. Fun to shoot.
  12. Mine has the tang sight. I believe They were standard on the H&R officers model. a 305 grn Bullet with 14.2 Unique is a nice load for this rifle.
  13. Possum, I recently responded to a WTB post on a Marlin 39a. I remarked “you and me both, been looking for one for a while” later a seller posted some pictures. I replied I would be interested if original poster passes. He did pass, and told me it was all mine if I wanted it. Made the deal. I didn’t feel like I scooped the OP. I made it clear I was 2nd in line. as for merchants snatching up the good deals, yes it bothers me. On one hand, it’s the American way. But, I also think new shooters should get 1st crack at “deals”. I even once saw a reseller claim a “free to good home” item
  14. B western can use Blackhawks as well.
  15. My home club. Texas Riviera Pistoleros is allowing 22s this year. Nobody has used them yet. I did, last fall at a 5th Saturday match, shoot Buckaroo just for the fun of it! 22s are fun to shoot every once in a while! I may do it again this summer. Even drag out the 410 double. I see no huge harm in allowing 22s, as long as it’s just at club level.
  16. I suspect you are right! Need to make sure that this is a club match only thing.
  17. Working on my packing list for my first ever Land Run. Can’t wait! for long range, what is typical ammo count? How is the 22 side match run? 1 revolver or 2?
  18. I’ll take the 38/357. My internet has been very spotty. If I fail to contact you it ain’t because I’m not trying!
  19. If MD Lancaster doesn’t take it I will.
  20. Me and you both! I’ve been watching at gun shows for a couple of years. Found one, had a pistol grip stock, but straight lever . Somebody had cut a groove in the stock to allow it to fit. another looked good, but had mechanical issues.
  21. I saw one that had a 8” is so strap attached to the sling swivel point on the barrel. Had a knot in the end. Shooter held the strap in fist, pulling rifle into shoulder. Looked to have plenty of control over rifle. I’m not sure if this would be called a sling or not. I just use the stick.
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