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    Dillon 550B question

    Well, loooong day at work today. Not much time/patience to work on the press. I did confirm the 2 screws on the bottom of the carriage are tight. I monkeyed with the primer cup height by adjusting the set screw on the bar. may have done more harm than good. Now it won’t load a primer from the tube. I kinda gave up on it for the night. Yes lumpy the the metal plate under the primer slide is in place. Hopefully ill I’ll get s chance to monkey with it tomorrow
  2. I acquired a Dillon 550B at an estate sale. Setting it up to load 38-55. Pretty much got it figured out, except the primers are not fully seating. I looked in the book, it said tighten shell plate. I did that but could not turn it. Backed off just enough so I could index the shell plate, but again, primers not fully seating. Any my ideas for me? and....by the way, I’ll be selling a ton of reloading stuff on the SASS wire soon, as soon as I get it all inventoried. Boxes and boxes of stuff, Bullets, brass , tools, scales, dies, misc reloading gear. The bullets and brass are all non-CAS stuff. 9mm, 223, 308.
  3. Hoss


    Yes, I would think so. That extra wrap on the end should be ok.
  4. 850 is decent price for 98% Marlin 45-70 CB.
  5. Hoss


    I once saw a shooter have a “malfunction “ with his 97 on a bonus shot. It was the last shot of the stage. Shot stage from inside saloon, then go outside carrying shotgun. Get to position, call “pull” for single flyer. Took several seconds to get out of building and I to position. Certainly longer than 5 seconds. He fumbled shells. Had his gun hang up, all sorts of problems. He finally declared “broke gun”. No way to prove it, but I think he intentionally did not shoot the bonus. Lesson learned. Poor stage design.
  6. Most shoot 6, occasionally cut to 5 in the 100 degree Texas summer. One club only has 5 bays, so they shoot 5. Wish they would shoot one stage twice. One of the MDs there used to skip a gun on a stage here and there. Only shoot Rifle/pistols or Shotgun/pistols. He said it was because ammo was hard to come by and expensive. I thought that kinda silly as everybody came there to shoot!
  7. Hoss


    I did not care for the faux ivory grips that came with my Ruger Bisleys. Put rosewood grips from Altamont on. Then I found s pair of Big Horn Sheep grips that I could not pass up. They are pretty thick, but I have big ole paws. Plus the natural finish is very grip-able, even wet or sweaty.
  8. The rules seem kinda unclear to me. Says an original can be an ejector if that’s how it was built. Ive had people tell me my Trapdoor was modern. Most say traditional. I dont care all that much! It’s never going to beat a Handi Rifle. I just enjoy shooting it!
  9. Martini Henry has an extractor not ejector, I think. Would be traditional.
  10. Basically it’s ejectors (modern) vs extractors (Traditional) Trapdoors are traditional even tho they have an ejector. The Handi rifle is hard to beat. Winchester is making a short barreled hiwall they also work well. They have a system that allows you to have either ejector or extractor. I have a original Trapdoor Carbine made in 1874. It’s just a fine old gun, and I enjoy shooting it. Hard to beat a Handi rifle with it though. And a pard, Clueless Bob, uses either a Maynard or a Burnside rifle. They are really neat rifles. (Both are originals) i have a 10G hammered double, my Trapdoor and currently shoot Pietta 58 Remingtons. I’m kinda wanting to get some original capguns so I can shoot all old originals. Not likely going to win, but I’ll gave more fun! (And I’m not likely going to win anyway!!!) jump in and and have fun. Way better than Wild Bunch!
  11. I use APP in my pocket pistols and original Trapdoor. No issues. I try to avoid 777 because it is about 15% friskier than BP. I sometimes use 777 in modern shotgun loads as I found an APP load won’t always knock down the targets. My antique shotguns usually get real BP in brass hulls.
  12. Been missing the Texas man stories!
  13. My most normal is leave the lever open, try to load thru the gate. Then when I see that won’t work close the lever and try to go over the top. Usually about 3 times each before I get it right! I decided to Go over the top. Some practice and it’s easier. I may load a couple of 38 short colts and try them! If it’s an 11 shot string (10 plus a reload) if the reload is allowed any time I do it thru the gate when I pick up my rifle.
  14. Prayers up for Ghost & family.
  15. It’s kinda surprising they did not figure out a retro-fit for 650s from a product liability standpoint. I’m going to keep going with my 650 unless they make an offer I can’t refuse. I see see no value in the variable speed case feeder. That seems to be just fluff to me.
  16. Bob, I gave a Pedersoli sight that should work on your 76. You could use the same eyecup on the Sharps. If interested let me know. I’ll make you a deal!
  17. I’m surprised Dillion didn’t (or maybe hasn’t yet!) figured out a refit for the 650 primer system. Of course they may be hoping lots of folks will buy a new 750.
  18. The thing I don’t understand is how the primer tube blows up. The primer that is Bri f seated is several spaces in the primer rotor away from the tube. Would have to “chain fire” it’s way around. While I know that it has happened, seems like a remote possibility. And yes, I’ve crushed primers sideways, upside down. Had them catch on edge and split them in 2. Only primer I ever popped was on my LEE Loadmaster, and that was totally my fault. Something was hung up and I gave it a little pop and POW!!!! Scared the begeebers out of me!
  19. Hoss


    Welcome to the fun! Go to some matches. I’ll eat my hat if some cowboys there don’t have you shooting a stage or 2. Or the whole match! And if they offer use of guns, do t be shy about trying them out. I shot my first 3-4 matches with borrowed shotgun and rifle. You won’t go wrong with Ruger Vaqueros and a Stoger. However, the Henry Big Boy just is not a very good rifle for our game. They are fine rifles for hunting or plinking, but will never run as well as a 73, 66, Marlin or even a 92. And no matter what you think now, you gonna want to go fast!
  20. Ordered one just now. Been meaning to but kept forgetting. I usually leave powder in my 650, hasn’t ever been an issue, but I know the powder is corrosive.
  21. Did you get the standard size or the bigger one? I’m also wondering if the better sealing top is worth the $10?
  22. No harm, no foul. Especially given the buntline explanation.
  23. tried to send PM, I guess your box is full I have a Pedersoli Hadley eyecup. if you are interested in trying it and maybe buying it let me know . I also have a couple of front sight inserts I can send
  24. I may have a Hadley Style eyecup that should work. PM sent
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