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  1. You're looking for ammo not a rifle?
  2. That is a damn good reprofile. I like that shape. Flows well.
  3. Barrel will run about $225, 55 for the tube, 45 for blueing and about 3 hours of labor. There are several companies that have pre-made octagon barrels. all that needs to be done is threading, setting the headspace and cutting the dovetails. An I love the henry big boys. My only gripe is the extractor is a 97 Shotgun style.
  4. 4 clicks are usually Wes flowers guns. He sadly passed away. Everything is modified inside. Longer pawl, modified bolt, modified trigger. and if the transfer bar is removed, a hardened pin is installed or welded up hammer face. With half cock of course.
  5. My phone wouldn't log in! I was panicking trying to type!
  6. I'll take them. I have a 73 carbine new with my short stroke.
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