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  1. The 737 Max8 is a game changer airplane. Range, fuel efficiency, noise, ROI....the next generation of airliner. The problem was not technology but not enough pilot training on a very new system. Someone at Boeing really dropped the ball in this regard.
  2. There is no SAMMI spec for the 38-40....I have 8 of them and chamber casts prove the chambers are all over the place......Recently ordered 2000 bullets and the vendor sent me coated bullets by accident (pretty red!)....I kept them but they only chamber easily in two of my rifles. All the other you need to close the action tightly as the bullets impact the rifling. On the 1866s it feels like the action is closed, you pull the trigger, and it fires out of battery....Ouch! I had a reamer cut by Manson Reamers to the most common dimensions, but it still has a problem with these coated bullets. I have a few Uberti rifles and all have different throat dimensions. Uberti obviously uses different reamer dimensions at different times. But all in all, the 38-40 is a fantastic cartridge for CAS. Low recoil with 180g bullets, just about zero blowback into the action with smokeless or black powder. Because of a bottlemeck configuration they feed great in a 66/73 and a 92....
  3. Amazing what computer technology can do for flight controls. 30 years ago it used not much more than a Radio Shack computer. Today it is using cutting edge flight control systems. Thirty years ago most of the front line military aircraft were impossible. But today, with advanced computer control F35, F22, FA18 Super Hornet and others are possible. The early V22 was simply ahead of the technology needed to make it safe.
  4. Kid Rich is the man for Black Powder in a 1911..............Has been doing it for years
  5. Wow! Just Wow.....I have a repro and would love to have a real one. If you ever want to part with it, I'm a customer. Would love to know how much you got this one for.
  6. Didn’t the Germans basically have only one ball bearing factory and some 18 year old figured if the Alies took it out it would end the war?
  7. At some point in time, mandatory back ground checks on all firearm transactions will become law......Just a matter of time. At that point it will be interesting to see what the government mandates as the fee to the FFL. I'm a Notary and the law here in MA is I can not charge more than $2.75 for my services. A Notary is a service to the public in the eyes of the law. Currently FFLs receive from $20 to $75 depending on geography. I see that it takes about 30 minutes, all in, to perform a transfer. To keep a simple brick and mortar door open costs roughly XXX dollars per customer ( I've read as much as $120 per customer ..... Monthly carry costs divided by number of customers over the threshold) It is clear that unless the FFL is operating from his kitchen table, with zero expenses, most FFLs are losing money on doing transfers. The firearm industry is in a tailspin right now. Business is horrible! For 8 years the industry has been doing well over 1 million NIC checks a month. That is a HUGE number of new and used gun sales. The market is saturated with firearms. And unlike other consumer goods, a 100 year old gun is usually in fine shape. They simply don't wear out and are then disposed of. Add to this how difficult it is in many liberal , high population states to actually buy a firearm and the fact that millenials are not interested in the sport and those that have historically been very interested are ageing and dying off and the future looks bleak........ Carry on!
  8. This video is 15 years old. Are they still investment cast or are they now CNC?
  9. Joe, sorry for the confusion.....I'm not talking Cowboy Hulls....I'm talking about Trap and Skeet hulls over at the Clay Target Center. Totally understand the issues with cowboy hulls......But good quality, once fired , trap and skeet hulls do indeed sell.....Cabelas sells them, Bass Pro sells them, Precision Reloading sells them and many others. I buy them myself!
  10. First of all, Thanks to the Boy Scouts who picked brass at Winter Range. I hope they were financially rewarded for all their hard work. I'm staying at the Ben Avery Clay Target Center this year. I made an early morning dumpster run and when I opened the 6yd dumpster I was surprised to see it nearly half full with empty shotgun hulls. I see on various shotgun classified sites that folks are selling once fired shotgun shells quite successfully. I wonder if the Boy Scouts would be interested in these shells to clean and resell as they did with our cowboy brass. If someone knows how to contact them, might be worth a call.........
  11. Arizona says..” We rarely get rain and snow...” Mother Nature says..”Hold my beer!”
  12. I hate shooting in the rain! But I guess it's better than 3 feet of snow just a few miles Northeast of us!
  13. I shot trap yesterday with a fellow that had this full blown custom job built in AZ. Amazing attention to detail and I would guess we'll over 80$k
  14. The new CZ Sharptail could be the "new" SKB.....this is a new model from CZ....coil springs, great trigger, solid action, built like a tank....I have one in 20g for upland hunting and love it. Good luck with the sale!
  15. If you are attending WR and would like to shoot some TRAP, SKEET, SPORTING CLAY, Five Stand or Wobble Trap..... Here's how to do it: Go to the CTC (Clay Target Center) which is located on the far side of Ben Avery. Go to the registration building. Tell them you want to shoot XYZ type of clays.If you need a gun or shells, they will rent you a gun and sell you shells. You must buy their shells to use the rental gun.Watch a 2 minute safety video Fill out a release form and answer 6 questions from the video...Easy questionsPay your $$, leave your drivers lic and receive a magnetic card to activate the machines. ($6 for a round of trap, a few pennies more for sporting clays)A range officer will meet you at a particular field, depending on what you want to shootShe/He will show you how to turn on the machine, call for targets and be sure you understand the safety rules.Have at it!If you are shooting alone, I would bet someone approaches you to come shoot with them.Extremely friendly, helpful folks I ran into. Both employees and participants.
  16. Flying...I'm interested in that 38-55 Highwall.....When can it be seen? rvb100@comcast.net Rancho Roy
  17. I saw this one fly at Oshkosh this past summer...Twin engines with a jet engine between the fuselages This was supposed to be there but wasn't ready in time
  18. Would have thought NE Pennsylvania would have been more central. But in any event, good luck with the shoot. Should be a great success!
  19. Ok, I give up...WHERE in the Northeast is this club?
  20. I'll have to check so see it has been welded. Kid, yes, I'd like to meet Hells Coming I'm here now. Camping this time in the Clay Target Center..... But no one is here to check me in or tell me what space is mine. So tonight I'm in the parking lot!
  21. Thanks...Was hoping I would be lucky enough to get them at WR. But if not, I'll order from Taylor or VTI
  22. I recently bought a used Uberti 1873, pistol grip rifle. It had the Lever/Trigger safety removed. I'd like to add it back in as I've had a couple of out of battery fires when I run it fast. Anyone have the needed parts hanging around and would be willing to sell me. I'll be at Winter Range if that works. Thanks
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