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  1. Welcome to the dance ! Cap your Nipples & Lube your Balls . The dance is about to begin.
  2. Looks like Taurus is going to give it one more try . https://www.taurususa.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=67
  3. Not mix up lol Both from Gun Smoke . I said it was like seeing a old friend. Sorry this is Not my post and I was making a joke Not trying to take over the content .
  4. Just picked up my 87 from Barleycorn Outfitters ! Matt is great to deal with and fast shipping.
  5. I loved seeing Buck Taylor on Yellowstone ! It was like seeing a old friend.
  6. Why Not Both ? I just picked up my 87 from Barleycorn Outfitters off the SASS Wire . Keeping right here at home doing business with other Cowboys.
  7. Just Picked up mine from Barleycorn Outfitters here off the Wire. Thank you Matt . Great to deal with .
  8. I bought the guns from Dutch Anderson . He gave me a very good description of what I was buying. I got what I expected to get . Dutch did Not get what he expected to get . Thank You Dutch for your Honesty and Integrity . God bless . Rooster
  9. It says second Gen so it has to be 36 caliber. Just Sayin Rooster
  10. You must have been one of the school teachers No one could stand !
  11. What ever happened to Tupelo Flash , Anyone know ?
  12. Not a great movie But a good movie to burn some time with . Just Sayin
  13. I thought some like minded Pards might like to look at some of this information. C&Rsenal on YouTube put this sight together for free. For people to look up Hans Gun Information. revolvers.candrsenal.com
  14. Gone are the days . Pretty good movie. Just wanted to pass on a recommendation too like minded Pards .
  15. Rooster Ron Wayne


    Sorry for Your Loss . I Pray your Father's looking down upon you watching you play with his guns and enjoying them . RIP Dad .
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