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  1. If it dont work out for any reason . I will call 2nd's and I will take it ! Thank you . Rooster
  2. Thanks for that info . He should probably should relay that to people he is doing a sale with ? Thank you for letting me know that . When you suddenly stop getting a response right after you make a payment , You start to think you got took . Have a blessed day. Rooster
  3. Not to throw a wrench in this deal . But its NOT Legal for you to ship primers . They are considered a Explosive . I think its a Felony . Just saying Rooster
  4. Still no response. I guess I will try to go threw PayPal and cancel the payment ?
  5. I tried to call you again tonight with no answer. I'm trying to be open minded here . But things are not looking to promising. Rooster
  6. I have sent you a payment threw Paypal . I have called you , Text you , and Messaged you threw hear all with NO response . Please respond back . Rooster
  7. It's not marked sold ? So I also keep looking at the post !
  8. Do you know if they was for a new model or Three Screw ? Im Not positive if they are the same or Not ?
  9. I have bought several guns from Toulumne . He always over delivered. This is Nice buy on some beautiful guns .
  10. Mike does amazing work . This is good buy for someone who needs some cap guns . So Saith The Rooster
  11. I'll take it ! Wait my wife is pretty mean too . She said I better Not go to sleep again , if I buy another gun ! I'm going to have to pass . Free Bump for a beautiful rifle .
  12. It's a deal Have your FFL get in touch with my FFL. Rooster
  13. I will wait for the Italians Clone of the 1873 150th anniversary for 1/2 The price of the Japanese 1873 Clone of the 150th anniversary Rifles
  14. This is my Dog Tom . Greeting the neighborhood cats in our yard !
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