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  1. Meister Bullets 44/40 200GR Dia 428 500 count $40.00 plus $7.00 shipping Will be at Texas State & Comancheria Days if you want to pick up.
  2. I have been shooting my 73 32/20 as my main match rifle in Frontiersman for years.
  3. 1,500 44/40 mixed head stamp brass. $20.00 per 100 plus UPS flat rate shipping. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  4. Pair of Cimarron Frontiers. Gunfighter hammers. " Hand of God" grips. 357 4 3/4 in barrels Fired once. Will be at Land Run and Winter Range. $1,150.00 Pair
  5. CL,

    If you are wanting to give powder coated bullets such as Cimarron (my choice) you might want to try 2f Triple 7.  Of course it is good with typical lub bullets also.  Been load working with Cims 105, 125, 135, and 147 38 bullets and T7 and was pleasantly pleased with accuracy, little clean up, and satisfaction in smoke.


    How's my cousin Bill.?


    Billy Boots aka  "the other" Bill Buckman


    1. Caprock Leatherneck, SASS #54382

      Caprock Leatherneck, SASS #54382

      Bills doing well last I saw him, the winds and dirt play hell with him this time of year. He did not come with us to Commancharia days. Did you make Land Run?

    2. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      no, I did not make a match that weekend.  I had high school homecoming and Sassy had eye surgery on 4th.  We would have liked to haave gone to state as we both like Fredericksburg.


      Maybe he will go to EOT and i can see him there.

  6. PD- How do you "down load"? By using a filler? Cappie

  7. PD- Caprock here, any recommendations on substitute for 38/55. Do I fill it to the top? Thanks

  8. Boss:

    The guy that runs things name is

    Terry von Seggern


    Disregard my post on the net, did not know I had a PM


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