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  1. Nicely done? Is that wood or synthetic decking> Nice finish. Caprock
  2. My sg barrel was being recoated and the Gentleman passed away and the barrel was lost. I am in need of a new/used barrel. I have searched the net without any success. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Bought a Model 12 with 29in barrel ,want to get cut, thinking 19-20 inches. What say you? Balance etc. Also do I need a titanium firing pin? Thanks for the help. Caprock
  4. My messages were Full. Should work now. Is personal check ok or do you need M.O.
  5. Sorry, perhaps I have something turned off. My email is PA96@aol.com.
  6. If all function well I will take all the mags and the two mag pouches on the right. If my math is correct that would be $70 plus $8 shipping?
  7. We raffle a firearm every year for the Texas South Plains Honor Flight which is a 501c3 that takes veterans to Washington every year. This year we would like to raffle an AR type rifle and need recommendations. Need to keep the cost below $800. Please pass on your ideas on a firearm. Thank You Caprock Leatherneck
  8. I am in charge of a raffle item for our Texas South Plains Honor Flight. In the past we have raffled Cowboy type, 1911 45, M1,M14. We would like an AR type firearm for this year that the current gun owner population would like . We need to keep the price below $800. Please reply with ideas. Cal will probably be 223. Please pass on your ideas. Thank You Caprock
  9. All's well that ends well. Oregon Trail has been purchased by Rim Rock Bullets. Rim Rock has gone out of their way to correct my order. ( Thank You Frank ). According to Rim Rock you may continue to order thru either company. The cowboy way is alive and well.
  10. UPDATE FROM CAPROCK - I have continued to try and contact Oregon Trail Bullets without success. I have started a claim with PayPal. I have been told by one source on the wire that they were bought out and by another that they are out of business. Both reliable. What bothers me the most is I placed a test order this AM and their website is still taking orders!! Hopefully there is a communications breakdown somewhere and I can apologize to OTB for this post, but until then I would shop with caution! Respectfully Caprock Leatherneck
  11. I am having a hard time getting a hold of Oregon Trail. Has anyone else experienced this in the last 2-3 weeks?
  12. CL,

    If you are wanting to give powder coated bullets such as Cimarron (my choice) you might want to try 2f Triple 7.  Of course it is good with typical lub bullets also.  Been load working with Cims 105, 125, 135, and 147 38 bullets and T7 and was pleasantly pleased with accuracy, little clean up, and satisfaction in smoke.


    How's my cousin Bill.?


    Billy Boots aka  "the other" Bill Buckman


    1. Caprock Leatherneck, SASS #54382

      Caprock Leatherneck, SASS #54382

      Bills doing well last I saw him, the winds and dirt play hell with him this time of year. He did not come with us to Commancharia days. Did you make Land Run?

    2. Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      Billy Boots, # 20282 LTG-Regulator

      no, I did not make a match that weekend.  I had high school homecoming and Sassy had eye surgery on 4th.  We would have liked to haave gone to state as we both like Fredericksburg.


      Maybe he will go to EOT and i can see him there.

  13. PD- How do you "down load"? By using a filler? Cappie

  14. PD- Caprock here, any recommendations on substitute for 38/55. Do I fill it to the top? Thanks

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