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  1. I always look for them. If there is one, I don't go there.
  2. Absolutely. I always open carry. I usually get compliments on my gun, and often thanked for doing so. On those rare occasions I CCW, nobody knows that I do.
  3. The people I interact with do too. But I think that if more people got serious about politics, the country wouldn't be in the shape it is. Gas wouldn't cost what it does, inflation wouldn't be where it is, etc. People spend hundreds of dollars on sports: tickets, jerseys, flags, watch parties. Heck, some people buy the largest TV that they can JUST to watch sports. But they don't pay attention to politics until about a week before Election Day. And then, IF they bother to vote, they just vote for the guy that has the letter that they prefer beside their name.
  4. If people cared as much about politics as they do about their favorite sports team it would too.
  5. Quite correct. Which is why "Global Warming, Climate Change", or what ever they decide to call it next is a crock.
  6. I don't know about that. While it would be difficult to change one's skin color, it's far too easy to untuck a shirt or stow your gun in your vehicle while shopping there. I see much less incentive for change if the store owner doesn't see any change in his clientele. If he doesn't know that he's losing money, or more particularly if he's NOT because it's too easy to comply, he'll have no reason to change. When my wife got a "Costco" card, I decided to see if they had changed their anti gun ways. Nope. I barely got in the door when I was told I couldn't enter while carrying. I told them that if I couldn't bring my gun in, I wouldn't be bringing my money in.
  7. I concur. If they don't want my guns, they don't want my money.
  8. Forty, you should know by now that just by the fact that you're an Old White Guy ANYTHING you think, do, or say will automatically be considered racist by some people. I've me plenty of them here in Tucson. Add on: Humor isn't dead everywhere. I was at the Walmart here yesterday, and the cashier, (yes, I hate the self checkout too), asked me if I wanted my gallon jugs of tea in a bag. I told him, "No, just leave it in the Jugs", and he laughed his a$$ off over it.
  9. That's absolutely a Mossberg. However I wouldn't want one. My house gun is a Mossberg 500 with the 7 round magazine and 20" barrel. I reduced the OAL with a M4 6 position stock. I've fired shotguns with no shoulder stock and I do NOT recommend it. That Shockwave has a 14" barrel on it, and while it's very maneuverable, I don't think that an 18" barrel with a M4 stock tucked into your side would be much less so. Plus, if you had a standard 500 you could get multiple other barrels for it.
  10. Completely unrelated note: Hugh Hefner was originally going to call his magazine "Stag Party", and have a stag as the mascot instead of the bunny we all know. Why did he change it? I don't know.
  11. I did a little bit of research on this, and most of the articles seem to be dated around 2019 or 2020, but the apology actually happened in 1998. Eiger hasn't had anything to do with in years.
  12. I never have. I want my jeans to look new when they're new.
  13. Usually it means that the email immediately goes to the Blocked list.
  14. That might be the way they carry, but the OP asked what was wrong with it. IMHO, that's what's wrong with it. I also carry my 1911 Cocked and Locked.
  15. For starters, she's staring at her phone instead of her environment, the way she has it slung she'd have a hard time getting her AR into action if needed, and the AR has an empty chamber flag in it.
  16. Sounds like that High Dollar coffee made from monkey poop. Or that Hot Flash medication that women used to take, Premarin. PREgnant MAre urINe.
  17. I've been dealing with the same used car place for a number of years now, and they've always treated me fairly. He's even given decent trade-in value on cars that he knew were junk. Whenever I've bought from him, and there was a concern with the car, he always had his mechanic shop fix it for us.
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