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  1. You probably will have get custom made. I know on etsy there are alot of options.
  2. Aww come on Pat we can race them and see who can be last.
  3. And that's why I never split lanes on my bagger.
  4. I like the 25 calibers better so maybe a 257 roberts x57mm howitzer
  5. I have been to many,way more than i can count, funerals usually part of firing detail. I've never heard the words of taps used. My first detail I saw a 300lb + biker crying like a baby. My last was an 18 yo kid home from boot camp did too much drinking before trying to drive.
  6. I plan to use VA benefit so so.e conditions are mandatory before loan can be secured. The agent I have currently been talking with is familiar with that.
  7. Kaufman county would be high on my list if I didn't work in Hurst and still few years ti retirement Yeah but found myself in a need to situation
  8. I've noticed fewer pictures worse condition
  9. I just got into house search. I'm looking in area outside ft worth to the northwest. Hopefully I can find couple acres with small house with minimum need of repairs. Looks as though be me and probably a dog. Seen a couple on realtor.com, zillow website hard to use. There are few listed looks like could work,but found fewer pics worse shape.
  10. Amazing how talented some of them are
  11. Now I understand why @patriot rides a hello kitty
  12. I have been turned back from courthouse because i had p38 on my keyring
  13. nope they just let it tick away
  14. Chinese for dinner?
  15. welcome back!!!! based on title next time we will find a deeper septic tank to toss into.
  16. or strap holding the dog saddle bag
  17. If all cats could breath more fire
  18. get her a set of these since mothers day soon
  19. hope she is in good mood today
  20. Totally agree. I had a rv salesman try to tell me that my v6 1/2 ton Chevy would have no problem with 10000 lb. trailer. At that time i was looking for under 5000. now my Duramax has a lot more capability and capacity but still don't want to max out either. i intend to keep this truck while longer, not beat it like dead mule and trade for new payments
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