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  1. Nkj is dead on. Every 97 and 73 we have has been shortened. Even mine. Better balance and faster moment
  2. I am not, but my brother in law is the pres of the club. I dont even know how many times he's scoped himself . multiple times a year for many years...
  3. Pee wee when the 25-20 came out it was labeled and advertised as the ideal deer rifle. It works very well for one as long as you don't shoot the deer in the butt and expect it to die. 25 20 and 50 70 are the only 2 bp rounds I load. Subs will give you more smoke, just remember smoke is subjective. It all depends on weather conditions. Ive shot matches with trail boss and had more smoke than bp shooters that were deemed acceptable
  4. I got in 10000 federal small pistol in last week. $25.34 a 1000. My guy at federal said there shouldn't be an issue getting my spring pallet of primers for around $27 a 1000 as long as I get a full pallet. Ive been doing a LOT of reloading this fall. First time ive ever had most my brass loaded but you just don't know when you'll be able to get a steady supply. I should be good for a while
  5. II know of 4 people that shot it all last summer in pistols. While it wasn't me , they were my pistols and I reloaded the ammo. Sorry on this one your wrong. If it wasn't for sass shooters using the old guns and replicas you wouldn't have half the choices in ammo and components. Just look back at when star line and other started offering the brass and components again
  6. I would be careful with that assumption. Generally its less talented shooters who assume top shooters want everything easy. A correctly calibrated target slows nobody down. Even if you have to shoot it in order. Too easy targets or scenarios get really boring, really fast. There is a better chance I wouldn't go to a match that has brain dead up close stages compared to one that might actually make me think. I have to shake my head every time I see a mediocre shooter whining how a top shooter wouldn't like something. Take Texas stars. How many times have you heard top sho
  7. Love. Personally I think every match should have reactive targets. A plate rack, popper, texas star or something fun. None are hard at the distance we shoot. After as many beginner shoots as I've done I have come to realize nothing sets the hook faster. Watch the face of the new shooter as they shoot a brain dead up close huge target array, then watch the same shooter on one where something moves or drops or bounces. It's not even close. Now should you do one on every stage, no, variety is key
  8. The key part is if your off hand is in contact with the gun or support hand. If you can plant a pinkie or something your good to go
  9. Simple question. Has anyone every seen a mag tube dented at a match to the point where there shooter could not continue?
  10. Grips are probably the most important but overlooked part of shooting revolvers well. . Im fairly proficient at gf and it's what I will pretty much always shoot. Try all the guns you can get your hands on. Take two identical guns, use different grips on them and they will feel totally different. My personal opinion is while you can shoot any stock grip properly, you'll never be as fast as if you have custom grips built. They aren't expensive, and there are a lot of competent makers. Or you can do it yourself. Get oversized blanks and slowly remove material
  11. So does an elderly/infirm or new shooter who shoots over 100 second stages. Last time I checked there are no rules that say you have to shoot the stage fast. My father, on the the few matches he shoots, walks from position to position. He has no desire to shoot fast. He is there to enjoy the day. He pays the same as everyone else and deserves the same consideration.
  12. There are several reason why top guns shoot them. At the top level you have enough time in your swing to reset. I have ran the splits on some of the top shots in this sport. Duece, carty, matt, lefty, they don't win because of the trigger splits they win because of the practice they do. Their reloads and lack of wasted time and effort. But pure fact is you can't get a single trigger to sound as one shot. Two triggers you can
  13. I have no use for a 308 never owned one and never will. My recommendation is a .243
  14. I was singing in Christmas pageants from the time I was little to after high school, with all the modern songs I learned over the years I still prefer the classics. But white Christmas is still my favorite. Bing just did it right, now favorite to sing is a little different.
  15. Actually you are incorrect everything being equal a double trigger is faster. Its been tested and timed many times. I really wish people would stop spreading that lie
  16. As some of you know my mother had some very serious medical issues this year. From being poisoned by her doc to getting purposely exposed and contracting covid in the hospital. While my dad had great insurance, $12k + a day for 5 months adds up quick and it looks like the lawyers aren't going to be cheap either. So to help out out I sold most of my guns. As each one went out the door I would reevaluate what I had left. At first it was easy. Guns we didn't shoot, or were collectible. Then went the ones that were duplicates. Next was the ones that were single
  17. Ive got the three colt sizes, and an uberti my father has a lightning bolt, As for the pistols I sold my 2 lightning's and thunderer Recently.
  18. I've been playing with outlaw a lot more lately... all guns from the hip. I even shot speed rifle that way at regionals a few runs. Shouldered was about 2 seconds fasted
  19. Yep. I have one with a drop in cartridge cylinder. Very fun plinking gun
  20. The last few years all the deer ive have taken have been with sass guns. Mostly vaqueros or remington 58s. But a 16 ga comes out a lot. I think I only have 5 guns now that aren't sass legal. This year my son started hunting and used his grandfather's first gun a single shot .410 We hunt to fill the freezer and do the butchering ourselves. 3 shots 3 deer. $37 for tags and 5 for shells. A little gas and a couple busy weekends and we have over 200lbs of meat. Try buying it in the store for that. Most of the antlers are made into handles or used in projects. I don't hunt
  21. I eat them from time to time. We dont waste stuff either. Rabbits and squirrels in the gardens get cooked too
  22. I spent most my sophomore season with a seperated shoulder. Still went to every practice, every game. Did everything I could for workouts. When the team did pushups I did one armed pushups. Yes it took me longer but I still did the same amount. I ran the sprints . When they did full contact stuff I did shuttle runs, resistance pulls or worked on field goal kicking. . . You're there for the team. Everybody depends on you to do your job or the team loses. Even if that job is just helping teammates remember plays, cheering from the sidelines. Watching the other teams for weakness
  23. I used to play the trumpet and cornet, now days it's more piano and mandolin. Basically whatever I feel like teaching myself to play. I cant read music that well so it's by ear. I also have been known to sing in a few different choirs if someone twisted my arm hard enough.
  24. Matter of opinion. Ive had top level guns. I've shot Jimmy spur revolvers as well as other top smiths, several top name 73s . Top name slicked up skbs and browning. The only time i agree you need top quality is with leather. Cheap leather will make you hate life. Top end guns didn't improve my time any. In fact the skbs slowed my shotgun times considerable and were less reliable with featherlites. The first time I ever set foot on a sass range I was told I was wasting the clubs time even showing up because of the guns i had. Mismatched clones, and a ste
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