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  1. I Its yours Smokey, I sent you a message with info.
  2. A Remington 1100 with a 20" cyl. bore bbl. great Deer gun,shoots fine,is in good condition 75% to 80% . Ready for the field or home defense .425.00 shipped.to aFFL.
  3. A nice Bond arms Snake slayer 45- 3" 410 fired little. 380.00 shipped to an FFL. first i'll take it here gets it.
  4. A Kel-tec P 32 32 cal. with holster. Fired about 20 times.Comes with one mag. and all seen here.Must go to an FFL. 185.00 shipped.
  5. Moving some things I haven't shot for a long time. NAA Pug with both 22 and 22 Mag. cylinders. (fired maybe 20 times. NAA 22 short. (never fired) NAA gun locking box. All 485.00 15.00 to ship to your FFL. Thanks
  6. Capt Stephen

    You may send funds for the books to:


    Steve Wright

    8156 N. 750 W.

    Ridgeville,  Indiana  47380



  7. Three nice books . Louis Lamours Flint 181 pages. Gunfighters of the old west. M 14 shooters and collectors guide. 30.00 shipped
  8. Safariland holster for Sig 226 S.N.after 365426 very heavy duty and in excellent condition. #070 and #3404 are printed on the holster I assume its there catalog number.35.00 shipped.
  9. Three long gun cases . Allen size 44, Gunmate 40 scoped rifle, Kolpin 38 canvas and leather All 50.00 + shipping Two AR AK type cases Ace 42 4 lg. mag pouches No name 36 heavy duty 4 mag pouches. One Ncstar take down shotgun or rifle 50.00 + shipping All are in very good condition,no rips or tears.
  10. Marshal TKD

    I would go 400 shipped to me. I have an FFL

    Dakota Fox

  11. Paypal is fine    wright.steve64@yahoo.com       

    Send me your address.

    1. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875


      It will go out today USPS

      Thanks again,   Dakota Fox

  12. The cast bullets I had for sometime hoping to get to them some day.Which never came.


    A lady close by called a friend of mine and said her husband had passed a couple years ago and wanted to know if he knew anyone who would like to buy all his reloading equipment,he mentioned me ,so I bought all he had lots of reloading equipment and ammo.Cast bullets and all.


    To make a long story short,I had intended to load and shoot a lot of them.I finally came to my senses and realized I was never going to get to it.  So I never messed with them and never loaded any of them so I don't know anything about them. I have shot a lot of his reloads and they shoot fine.


    Sorry I could not have been more help.


    Steve    aka  Dakota fox.

  13. Marshal


    I put the press on ebay ,the number is  232493967600

  14. The number is  698171236

    1. Heck Know 32821

      Heck Know 32821


      How much do you need for the hulls and wads, shipped,


      Robert Edmiston

      PO 293599

      Phelan, Calif 92329

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