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  1. If it comes out edible, you're doing it right.
  2. Good. I'm just pleased that I had the foresight to pick an alias that would fit on a licence plate...
  3. Does my new licence plate make my rear end look big?
  4. Is "pew pew pew" still protected speech? Or is it more akin to yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater?
  5. Feel your pulse, either wrist or neck, while watching a sweep-second hand on a clock, count your pulse rate and check for regularity. If irregularly irregular, your Doc needs to know. Heart palpitations (fluttering) can be caused by a whole lot of harmless things (coffee is one). Relax, keep an eye on it.
  6. The shorts? yes. But you need to coordinate the espadrilles and purse in a matching pattern, and the hat should be in a contrasting color, perhaps with an ostrich plume.
  7. I got a '52 MGTD (did someone say Lucas? I heard of him) at 16, it was kinda ratty but ran. I fixed it up a bit, still have it. Still working on it...
  8. I do have a SuperPower. I can slow down, or even crash a computer by just standing close to it. Sometimes I can even do it over the telephone. Now if I could just find a way to use my power for good...
  9. That looks like a fine starter shotgun, and will surely serve you well. Use it and learn.
  10. Well, it arrived yesterday, Went to the shop to do the transfer, discussed with the 'Smith, not a terrible big ding in the barrel, but noticeable on the inside, really smooth action, much nicer than my other '97, quite pleased overall. Decided on making the barrel a 20" , no bead, replace the decades old, hard-as-a rock recoil pad with a new one, safety and function check on the entire works. Pick it up in a month or so (maybe just 2 weeks, but I know him, he's slow). I'm gonna need a butt-cover to hide the unsightly aftermarket recoil pad, so shopping for one now. Also, found another '97 on the SASS Net classifieds today, moments ago, looks really nice. Bead blasted finish, shortened barrel (to what, dunno), good looking wood, I needed #3, just got paid...so I'm buying it. Who makes good butt-covers for a '97? I might need 2 or 3
  11. That is a good looking '97, BT, glad I didn't snooze. I am fully committed with cash in hand. Good luck in your search and happy hunting.
  12. Scratch that, I don't care. I'll take it anyway. PM incoming. BTW, what is the barrel length?
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