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  1. Half a bubble off of plumb...
  2. Well, the 3" barrel is more manageable than the 2" with .357, but i don't like a 158 gr bullet in either. A 125 gr bullet is doable, but not comfortable...
  3. Kimber K6s. .38+P in the cylinder, .357 in the speed strip
  4. Well, I never had a problem with the new S&W locks, aside from the looks, but I only own 1 newer Smith... I usually take my pistols to my gunsmith for an action job, whether I think they need it or not, and I had heard of these possible problems. So, when I got this 627 PC I did my usual and asked him to disable the lock. He did so and said I'll never have to worry about it again. It was not the first time he'd performed this job. Someday, maybe I'll see about a plug for that ugly hole.
  5. Well mostly metric, except for the tranny (SM465) and the gear reduction box (NP203) and the Saginaw power steering and the Hi-Steer steering linkage and the SOA U-bolts and a few odds & ends surprises like the water temp senders in the Toyota head are 1/2"NPT which just means I get to carry a wider variety of wrenches and spare nuts & bolts to drop under the rig...
  6. That must be one of those Jeep things... My technologically advanced '74 LandCruiser nuts, bolts and small fiddly bits are able to discern, and settle, under the exact center of the vehicle. So that laying my hands on them are equally difficult from either side...
  7. Heck, everybody knows you never say the "Q" word until your shift is over...
  8. Exactly nine letters need to be removed, why I had to look at it twice,
  9. Yup. Had to look at it a couple times, finally figgered it.
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