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  1. Scarlett, An addendum to the e-mail I just sent in reply to your offer for a refund on my order for the 125gr .357 bullets, "Bullets will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no bullets." So I'll just sit over here in my little corner pulling the handle on my RockChucker, waiting patiently for the Postman.
  2. I figger I must be the luckiest son of a gun in the world. I ordered me 4 of them Loadin Blocks from Missouri Marshall, he writes back to tell me that I will be the lucky owner of Loadin Block #3000! And what's more, that Loadin Block #3000 will be free to me if he gets to sign it "LB3000". Well, sure, I says back to him. Trying to figger out which is better...free or a signed #3000. But wait, there's more. A few days later he writes to inform me of a terrible mistake. He fesses up to dying my Loadin Blocks brown instead of the saddle tan I had requested, and that he would have to make me another set. Hmmm...I says to myself, you think that he's just gonna toss those differently colored Loadin Blocks in the trash heap? So I lightning quick writes back to him saying "Whoa there, big fella" , how 'bout you just send me those "mistakes" of yours and don't go throwing away perfectly good leather just 'cause I ordered the wrong color? I mean, maybe brown really is my color. I'm new here and he probly knows better anyhow. I should just keep my mouth shut, take what I get and be grateful for it. But no, he sends me 3 of the brown, 'cause there can be only one #3000, but one of them is free 'cause it was his mistake. And fulfills my original order of 4 in saddle tan with the very special #3000 (which, as you recall, was free). So, the upshot is, I got me 7 new Loadin Blocks, all personalized with my alias and my totem, for the price of 5, I got me a good story and I could not be more pleased with the quality and function of them Loadin Blocks. I sure know who I'm going to when I change calibers.
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