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  1. I have got an older Lyman new army that I can give you a deal on that I have had a long time. it has an eight barrel that you can cut down. Let me know what you think. DC

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    2. McCandless


      Sounds like a plan. Will do.




    3. McCandless


      Diamond Curly,

      My apologies, I thought I had sent this out.  But, I just saw the envelope still sitting on the corner of my cluttered desk/work-top.  I'm trying to send this out via Priority Mail, but the post office site won't take this, William Edick, 239 Bailey Colorado 80421.  Do you have a city or town name I can plug into that line?



      Again, I'm sorry for making you wait on this.


    4. Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      Diamond Curly SASS#57086

      The address is 239 Bailey Drive, Bailey, Colorado 80421. I forgot to put in the city, thanks, DC

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