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  1. You find yourself in the LGS and ask if they have a second pistol, not to choose from but to buy a pair. You have been known to carry a single action for conceal carry. Walrus ivory is good but elephant is pure decadence and quietly desired. You get really excited when you find a older Marlin that you do not have, yet.... "Colt" is not a 4 letter word. You find yourself reading True West at work, digitally..... Your "go to" is a revolver. You firmly believe cowboy guns breed if left undisturbed in the big metal box for 120 days. You make a point of shooting or riding your horse on National Day of the Cowboy on the 4th Saturday in July. And lastly, you know that we need a true Cowboy in the White House.
  2. Whenever I fall to temptation and use a .45 for long range it allows me to go make a sandwich and enjoy it while the bullet is in flight......
  3. FS Non CAS: Clean .338 Winchester Magnum brass, all is once fired except for the 43 pieces of Remington which is new, never loaded. 1-Bag of 43 pieces, Remington new, never loaded 2-Bag of 54 pieces, Remington once fired - SOLD 3-Bag of 54 pieces, Remington once fired 4- Bag of 52 pieces, Hornady once fired 5- Bag of 29 pieces, Federal once fired Brass is priced at $1.00 for shell casing or the lot of it at $155.00 for 178 pieces. Buy 2 bags or all and I get shipping. Individual bags will require $7.00 shipping. dr3498@hotmail.com
  4. Pelican. Absolutely the best if it fits within your budget. For hunting and flying I prefer a 2 rifle case, which also holds knives, binos, ammo, handgun and rifle. This also works very well for CAS.
  5. I began reloading in the summer of 1972...…yes there was smokeless powder way back then. I have never looked back. I was a skinny kid in high school who worked most of a summer to buy a RCBS Rock Chucker Kit and some components for my .357 Blackhawk. I still use that press for large rifle loads and blue one for pistol calibers. Buy what works for you and jump in. Unless you have a lot of money for factory ammo, it is the only way to go. Talk to folks, read everything that you come across and calculate your savings. There is so much information out there these days there is no reason to not become highly educated on the topic.
  6. No i'm not an expert but in carrying but Colt 1911's in LE for almost 2 decades here are what failed the least for us. Wilson Combat Colt factory magazines (they say Colt on the base) Chip McCormick The handgun was Colt, Kimber or Springfield in .45 ACP. Since them, it is now all about black plastic and 9mm. My personal favorite is the Wilson.
  7. Great shoot and a great experience! Thanks to all that made it happen! And a big "Howdy" from posse 11....
  8. I recently asked a new neighbor what town in California did he come from and he replied, " Is it that obvious?" I told him it was the Tesla in his garage. Welcome to Flagstaff. Locals look forward to heavy winters that scare many back. As a side note, my neighbor now drives a F250, a John Deere and recently drew a coveted elk tag. Welcome to the high country.
  9. For Sale- Marlin 1894 .45 - Face to face @ Bordertown Immaculate JM .45 Colt $1350.00
  10. Aged shoulder does not allow me to shoot this bow. It has been a safe Queen for the past 15 years. It is in excellent condition and comes with many extras. $800.00 Wes Wallace Mentor, 65 pound Red Elm take down Recurve. Strung tip to tip measurement, 63 inches. 65# @ 30 inch draw. Checkering on grip and antler tips. Extras include everything needed to go hunting and spend time at the range. 2 doz arrows, carbon and wooden, broadheads, field tips, right hand leather glove, leather arm guard, stringer, quiver, knocks, feather rest and more. Like I said everything needed to go hunting and spend time at the range. Several picts available. Extras alone are worth at least $400.00 E mail me if interested....... dr3498@hotmail.com http://www.weswallacebows.com/Bow-Hunting-Recurve-Bows.html
  11. I have a pair of Lindholm Brothers Spurs that are too aggressive for my taste to use on my horse but they enhance the cool factor at Bordertown....
  12. I have an exceptional black bear hide that is 37 X 30 inches in size. It is from a spring bear so the hair is quite thick. I would like $275.00 for it and I get the shipping. Thanks for looking...
  13. Never was a AR person. Then our department made us trade in our Mini 14's for that plastic, steel and aluminum rifle. I was not a fan of fixing what wasn't broken. I accepted the change and learned as much as possible about the weapon. I am not a expert, whether self proclaimed or actual but I did learn a few things about the AR platform. First and foremost: Keep it simple and keep it affordable. There are many quality rifles being made that will not break the bank. Second: Iron sights or optics, choose a optic that you can shoot through when the batteries fail, simply put have manual fold down sights on that rifle. We settled on two that seemed to be the most reliable and always choose waterproof. Third: Good aftermarket trigger assemblies are wonderful. Lastly: Pick a caliber that you can afford to shoot. And the rest is up to you.....Hope this helps.
  14. You find a cowboy gun at the LGS and ask if they have two......
  15. FS Leopold Golden Ring Compact 15-30 X 50 Waterproof, fog proof, finish is brown rubber coating. Scope is in excellent condition and has only been used on a bench at the shooting range. $300.00 and I get shipping. Comes with original paperwork and strap, tripod in picture not included. dr3498@hotmail.com
  16. Its all a matter of preference, I have used from 3 1/2 to 7 and prefer 5 1/2. It is just a what I feel most comfortable with.
  17. .45 Colt, 250 gr RNFP lead and I load at about 800 FPS in a revolver.
  18. Appreciate your help......let me know what you find.  Thanks

  19. Not quite sure how I'd pull off that level of financial infidelity....a truly amazing rifle. A great value for what it is. Mine is not quite as fancy but it is a heirloom and quite the elk rifle.
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