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  1. Yep, Purly Ol coonie did'nt git all dat ju ju dust cleaned off'n himself at BG and Al. state last year either, he shoulda tied hisself some bungee cords to his pistolas.Ya'll dont under estimate dat Krazy Kajun and his mysterious powers.Dont know iff'n he stills carries it wif him or not but he had hisself a big chicken wif nuggets he carried to ward off evil spirits at one time that he got in Texas some years back.May have ta throw my war bag on the stage wif Sawyer and ride on up.This'n is get'n mighty interesting.
  2. Ya still want me to finish up the big revolving wheel wif the arm and ankle straps to tie the Kajun to,might draw a perty good crowd for this'n
  3. Well Wa-enema heres whut happened,you were hang'n out wif dat Kajun feller and he got tired of dat bad ju-ju following him around and he started poking dat hoo-doo- voodoo doll of his wif out you knowing it now ya got tha curse. Ya might wanna check yer belongings ya brought back from BG he mighta stached it in some of yer possibles.
  4. Hey Wa-enema whats the height on it,and does it have leaf springs or torsion axel.Looking for one 6ft. tall. Will holler @ ya Fri.
  5. Dang it boy Dat wuz a goodern right thar,dont care who ya is.....
  6. Ya'll gonna love it this year,we got us another stage writer and he is mixing things up a little bit for everone.If anyone dont have a good time at this'n welllll they shoulda stayed on the front porch........
  7. I think Barkeep is behind the 8 ball on work like me. But if i remember correctly i believe it's his better half's birthday that weekend.And if momma ain't happy no bodys gonna be happy.
  8. Yea Coonie i remember dat one Wa-enema got to use the work excuse every chance i git. Heck been work'n at the range every extra minute i git,trying to get every thing in tip top shape for the Southeast Regional coming up where you guys can have a great time.Might take a little time and brew up some snake bite juice for ya'll Ya'll stay safe and tell everone @ BG i said HELLO .....
  9. Ha... Somebody needs to notify the Sheep growers association.....
  10. Buck got a box of guns for you.I will be up Friday to deliver them to you. "SKITTLES"

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