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  1. We probably not to far away. I’m just across the line up the old railroad bed rd. Most ppl don’t even know that lickskillet is on the map.
  2. Yes ma’am I will ask lots of questions. I have messaged your husband and grateful for the time he took even while he’s been busy setting things up.
  3. I’ve watched several videos on ppl handling them, lots of practice!!!!
  4. When I have 2 out I won’t even have to aim!! I saw pics of all that whiskey, it’s possible I might not have cloths on!!
  5. I’ll be there walking around figuring things out. May even make it Saturday and Sunday. I’m assuming your name has to do with the area you’re in?
  6. I will definitely be coming up as I’m just down in Fedvulle area. I’m going to Cavern cove this weekend. I thought that would be a good event to look around, hoping there’s several vendors and meet some ppl.
  7. That would be what I’m missing, the very last line in the glossary
  8. Thank you as it won’t accept zero, never thought using guest.
  9. Yea I couldn’t get past the profile setup without putting a number in. I hit one and next. I should of put zero as that fits me better
  10. As I read the rules, search old threads and watch videos etc. In videos I see two handed shooting and being referred to as traditional. As I read the rules I see duelist/ double duelist and gunfighter. The only place I see about two handed is in black powder. Am I missing something?
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