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  1. Well im glad somebodys got her now,several years ago Kajun and some of his Jawja miscreants ganged up on me, held me at gun point with a intoxicated preacher and married me to that CRAZY little woman. Shortly after dat she runned off somewhere,aint seed hide nor hair of her since then. Here tell she's been hid'n out in Badlands Bob's basement.He runs a sweat shop there ya know, pays dem with ice cream sammiches, has all dem little people there sweat'n and mak'n boolits fer him.
  2. Heyyyyyyy !!!!!!! Ya'll leave my dog outta this race Sides i heard a rumor Ol Widder has applied for adoption papers for T-Willie, sumpt'n bout git'n royalties off dem Nanner Spilts T-Willie iff'n i were you i'd keep my eye on Ol Coonie he's got some serious powers wif dem Chicken Feets, He's got connections wif a gal named Bertha down in tha swamps
  3. Buck got a box of guns for you.I will be up Friday to deliver them to you. "SKITTLES"

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