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  1. I sold an 1895 Cowboy several years ago. I felt it kicked more than a regular 1895. I don't find the .460 S&W Magnum, with 8 3/8 inch barrel, painful to shoot. Both my wife and my son have also shot it. That said, I don't have a need or desire to keep one anymore - not a whole lot of stuff along the MS Gulf Coast that warrants one. I wouldn't mind having a .460 S&W lever gun, but not at the price of the one manufacturer that makes them.
  2. One day, after I retire, that would be nice. Limited vacation days won't allow that right now. Hotels for this trip are complimentary points from business travel.
  3. We're looking to shoot HoW and then make our way back to OKC and maybe shoot their monthly the following weekend.
  4. Could you tell a difference between the Sig, Kimber, Colt or Wilson? Shooting Sig and Colt 1911s, the only difference I can feel is the difference in the grips. I doubt I could tell the difference between a Gov't model from each manufacturer if the grips/front-strap/back-strap were set up the same. I have felt differences in the frame/slide fit between different manufacturers when racking the slide, as well as a difference in the trigger pull, but they've all felt the same when the pistol goes boom.
  5. We really enjoyed our trip a few years back and are looking forward to this year. Plan on hightailing it out West on the Interstates in two days to get there and then taking our time coming back to the Gulf Coast afterwards, enjoying some tourist spots.
  6. I just left the Naples/Rome area two weeks ago - there is still nothing normal about life/work in that part of Italy. I can't imagine it is any better in the northern areas, which had a higher rate of reported incidents.
  7. I know it's not possible for everyone, but sometimes the AL facility has rifles available on the shelf even when they are not accepting internet orders.
  8. Still early but I am trying to finalize plans to make this shoot again. Requested leave today and printed out an application. Also made reservations at a hotel. Anybody else making the trip?
  9. Like UB said -RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat). Very fast, very seaworthy. The hull is a composite with inflatable side air tubes. The tubes do have multiple chambers. If you can sink one - you've accomplished something.
  10. Our water monitor was always secured when in transit.
  11. Chey-Cast - in stock - free shipping on $150 purchase.
  12. Several - what's your budget? D Bar J hatters out of Las Vegas is my go to for most hats. I have also bought a few from Buckaroo hatters out of TN.
  13. I'm back on the MS Gulf Coast. Not actively looking to sell the primers but after doing an inventory I got to wondering about the Remington products.
  14. I've never considered myself a hoarder but I'm comfortable on primers. I didn't realize I have as many Remington primers as I do. I typically only use Federal or Winchester.
  15. Did an inventory yesterday and discovered I have 8000 1 1/2s, 2800 2 1/2s, 1400 5 1/2s and 1900 6 1/2s. Should I save them for collector purposes, sell them for collector prices or sell them for Covid prices? Or should I just keep them, load them up and shoot them myself? Decisions...
  16. I cross rated from Electronics Technician Third Class to Damage Controlman Third Class. Although unusual to go from ET to DC I know of at least two others. My DC A-school class also had a FC3, MM3, BT3 and EN3 cross-rating.
  17. Then they're an E-7. Initiation has changed over the years. Sometimes more hazing than others. But, in my experience, initiation has always been about building trust in the Chief's Mess.
  18. I'll say that in the real world "it depends". A Master Chief or a Senior Chef is still a Chief.
  19. Or when the person in question is all about themselves and not about their Sailor's. Used derogatorily, also used in reference to an E-7 or an E-8. I'd tell my Sailor's that up through E-5 their evals were all about what they accomplished. At E-6 they need to reference what their Sailor's were accomplishing. You get credit for their accomplishments, as well as their failures.
  20. Nice collection Jed. I only have about eight; three cavalry crease, two buckaroo, a Gus, an old Resistol cattleman (feels like wool) and a big straw floppy sombrero. I tend to gravitate to the cavalry crease and buckaroo's more these days.
  21. I'm not shooting CC but I wear enough CC items at every match to qualify except for firearms. It can get warm on the MS Gulf Coast. Just drink more water and electrolytes.
  22. I took the fast train from Naples to Rome, there were five people in my train car. Travel is restricted to work/necessity/emergency only outside of provinces.
  23. Yes - more locked down than open from Rome down through Naples.
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