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  1. Welcome Shawn! Go to the match, let them know who you are and that you're interested, then take advantage of the generosity of the shooters and try out their guns. The best way (IMO) to get started with multiple shooters is to buy used. Since you already have a Marlin, I'd concentrate on a pair of revolvers and a shotgun. If you two can share guns to get started that'll help. You'll both need decent leather to get started. Again, you can buy used but not abused and save money. One of the best places to buy used is local matches or here on the SASS Wire. Lots of times you can get guns that are already set up for this game for less than price of a new (or even used gun from a non-cowboy shooter).
  2. I do not like any pistol with finger grips. They're fine if they fit your hands, otherwise you have to compromise your grip.
  3. RCBS dies won't work in a Dillon SDB.
  4. My wife and I met Evil Roy and Wicked Felina today! Very gracious folks. Then we met Charlie Daniels at an autograph session at the Daniel Defense booth (SHOT Show). After the wife and I had our picture taken, Mr. Daniels asked for a picture with just me as he said I reminded him of his late guitar player Tommy Crain. Over many years in the Navy and a few SHOT Shows I've been fortunate to have met several celebrities Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally, Jamie Farr, Trace Adkins, R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny), Craig Morgan, Big & Rich, Lou Ferrigno, Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Luke Branquinho, and several others. The ones that stick out the most are the band Lonestar. After learning that I bought a pair of tickets to see them for my daughter's 8th birthday they invited us on their bus after the concert.
  5. There are plans to bring a .357 Magnum to market. I did not get a time frame. Other than that - all SAA's are coming through the custom shop. 18-24 months estimated.
  6. Any info on this round? Saw an add for it in Rifle magazine but there's nothing at the link provided. Supposedly for AR-platform rifles. www.22Nosler.com
  7. Marlin, I have my stereo system connected to my TV (surround sound) which allows me to play around with the levels of different frequencies. Truth be told - I still have a difficult time "understanding" spoken words in a lot of movies and TV shows. It's just been easier for me, and more pleasant for my wife & kids, to use sub-titles.
  8. I'll be there making the rounds and getting my exercise. Will definitely stop by the SASS booth, as well as several of the other booths dedicated to our firearms. Other than that, will primarily be looking at suppressors and rifle chassis. Will be staying at the Holiday Inn Desert Club Resort this year - has to be better than where we stayed last year...
  9. Pat - I've got so many choices of Louisiana cooking down this way that I sometimes have a hard time choosing which one to go to. But we don't have any good German sausage/Sauerkraut restaurants.
  10. Looking for specific recommendations for a place to eat on a Saturday evening that's good and doesn't cost $30+ per plate. Been reviewing Yelp & Trip Advisor but looking for first-hand experience. Our hotel is in Kerrville, TX.
  11. +1 for Taz - I'm sure he has some pattern that will replicate stipling
  12. Hmm, once I get this year straightened out that just might make for a good weekend - shoot with the Peacemakers on Saturday and the Gunslingers on Sunday. Sounds good - now just to see if I can make it all work out.
  13. I tried the google search but can't find a place has the machines like he is looking for - at least not listed online. Will be in Vegas for the SHOT Show so won't have time to drive all over and check each place out individually.
  14. Is there a company in Vegas that sells the old-style one-arm bandits? I have an acquaintance that is looking to purchase one of the silver-dollar coin operated machines.
  15. As mentioned, gloves may or may not work. I have a pair that I wear that keep me warm but there's no way I could shoot in them. The thin gloves that I can shoot in make my hands feel colder than no gloves at all. As an alternative I've been looking at the hand warmers that football players wear. Here is an example:
  16. GJ, Thank you for taking the time to explain this and providing some links.
  17. Accurate Molds website asks what material you will be casting with as casting with any alloy other than the one specified will change the resultant diameter. Can someone explain how the below casting materials would affect as-cast diameter? These are the casting materials listed by Accurate Molds: - Lead - Clip-on Lead Wheel Weights - 1:30 Tin - Lead - COWW +2% Tin - 2-6-92 Hardball - 1:25 Tin - Lead - 1:20 Tin - Lead - 1:15 Tin - Lead - Lyman #2 - Linotype
  18. In summer temps - this. A freezer that is full will maintain cooler temps longer. Always a good idea to take up any extra space in a freezer with frozen water bottles. It also makes the freezer more efficient.
  19. Noticed the same effect with both Clays and Trail Boss at minimum listed loads in pistols. Bumped the charge weight up a little and rarely notice the issue anymore.
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