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  1. Hmmm, doesn't mention humans... I'll keep my idea to myself.
  2. Appendix carry can also be accessible, depending on pistol and holster (and body fat, I guess).
  3. Area 51 isn't the only place the Air Force keeps secrets about. That's all I've got to say about that!
  4. I made a cross-country trip a few years ago with a Glock G21SF in a Galco Miami Classic 2 shoulder holster. After 19 hours on the road, it was uncomfortable. I do prefer a cross-draw when I know I'll be in a vehicle for extended periods, but the right appendix-carry holster with the right pistol is very doable for me.
  5. If you have the time to budget, then my recommendation is to map out a route using state highways. It's not as fast and the distance may be longer, but you'll have more options to stop at and take breaks plus you'll see more of this great nation.
  6. MS Peacemakers do similar on occasion. Using two bays that are side-by-side, club provided a pair of revolvers, a rifle and a shotgun with the required ammo for that part of the shooting.
  7. If you do purchase the Ottos, please give an update after you use them. I'm about six weeks out from ordering something.
  8. Because at times like this, when you have no idea what you'll find in the store for loaded ammo or components, you'll be able to shoot. At least that's what I tell myself.
  9. I remember almost all of those names, too. The Rock & Roll Express just popped into mind as well.
  10. These would probably be out of my price range...
  11. I might could me trying to take that one home, but that top rail would have to come off of it. Thanks
  12. Same thing - different dialect.
  13. I'll admit that when I was younger (much younger) I loved to watch it. Mid South Wrestling was it in our area. Cowboy Bill Watts, The Junkyard Dog, One-Man Gang, Hacksaw Butch Reed, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Ted DiBiase and a whole lot more. Now I'm stuck with AFN (Armed Forces Network) and there are two sports channels. WWE gets as much air time as NHL and NBA! Being AFN, I also get multiple viewings of the same program. This stuff is worse than any soap opera on TV today. It seems like over 90 minutes of a 120 minute program is talking (VERY bad
  14. Kershaw 18700BLK is one of my other knives - thumb stud and flipper stud. This will be going back in my pocket when I come home. Lightweight.
  15. We called our newest acquisition Buddy because we didn't know what else to say when trying to call him. After having him for a month, we almost changed his name to Chet. If you've ever watched Tim Allan's Santa Clause 2 - he acts about like that goofy reindeer.
  16. This. It's not about cost but quality of life. My pets have given me years of unquestioned love and obedience. I don't want to fail them.
  17. Just like my news, I prefer the written work that list as much fact and as little supposition/opinion as possible.
  18. Well, I hope to be able to read all of my issues for the past 12 months by the middle of next month. Soo there!
  19. Do you only use these at CAS events? Wonder how they'd be around rifles with muzzle breaks? How long have you had yours? As mentioned above, for the price I would expect them to last a few years (4-5) at least.
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