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  1. This drama is way too much for me. This is my Safe Space! I can’t take this. I need my woobie… MOMMY!…….
  2. Images like this made me wonder if all the electronics would soon be inoperable. Then I would open Mag Storms.
  3. I have 3 solar apps on my iPhone. When I first downloaded them some of the pictures or views of the sun truly made me sit up and go “What the heck is that?”. Then I found an app called “MagStorms”. This app put the other 2 apps into perspective. Space Weather and Solar Weather are fascinating apps. MagStorms is the one I use to see if the dramatic photos are bad dramatic photos.
  4. So, you’re telling us that these people know their sh…. Stuff?
  5. Please tell Custer that I apologize.
  6. I think these guns are great. I don’t want one, but guns like these introduce younger people to the joys of single action revolvers. I have encountered a few younger guys in their early 20’s that bought one or two of these “atrocious” single action revolvers or tacti-cool lever guns. After buying those they went on to buy more traditional SA revolvers or lever guns.
  7. I won’t do Self-Checkout. A few months back a lady at the Walmart Service counter told me they didn’t have enough people there to run the cash registers when I asked where all the cashiers were. “Just use Self Checkout.” She said in an exasperated tone. I asked her who did I need to see for my 10% discount for doing their jobs for them. Then I left with my cart of groceries sitting there. I have a feeling that I am not the only one. There have been plenty of cashiers since.
  8. They gave a Chief a weapon? That’s Nuts! Their trigger fingers will not work properly. They have coffee cup hooks, not trigger fingers.
  9. Well, I’m a dumb*** I apparently bumped one of these buttons and it changed the display.
  10. I can tell that on my ship we had quite a few “expert marksmen” aboard using small arms - M14s. Not poodle shooters.
  11. Yes, judging by the female Marines I have seen you are absolutely correct.
  12. I reported myself. Actually, I reported my first post asking if something changed or if there was a problem. Maybe @Cypress Sun and me might get some answers.
  13. I was actually looking at that when you posted. Here is a screenshot of it:
  14. I am pretty sure I didn’t, but…actually, I don’t know how to do that. I probably knew at one time but some ridiculous song must have over written that knowledge.
  15. I opened the Saloon and all the headers on the main Saloon page have several lines of text showing from the original post. Did something change or did I inadvertently change settings somehow? I haven’t opened settings today.
  16. I overheard a couple of guys talking at my LGS / indoor range. We were in the revolver display section. One of them commented that he’d like a .44 Mag. The other said “I have a model 69 Smith & Wesson” Guy 2 perked up: “Really? I didn’t know that. How do you like it?” Guy 1: “That thing is a nightmare with .44 Magnum. It’s pretty nice with .44 Special, but I don’t reload and finding Special is a real PITA!” Guy 2: “You want to sell it?” Guy 1: “Not to you.” Guy 2 gave him a dirty look and started to say something but Guy 1 cut him off. ”Look. You and I are friends. I wouldn’t want our friendship to be messed up over a gun I know you’ll regret buying as soon as you shoot magnums.” (I thought that was very nice of Guy 1) I have to rein myself in regarding harder recoiling hand guns now. Just like my comments above regarding the light .45 Colt guns. A while back one of the guys at the gun store remembered that I was curious about a 10mm Glock. He said a used one came in and he was sure the guy put 100 rounds through it, at the most. He said he’d make me a deal. I had to pass. 9mm is my limit in semiautos. It’s not the recoil so much as it is the slide action. Last Friday I took my Glocks 43 & 48 to the range. I discovered my G43 liked Federal 147 gr. HST ammo, which was nice. The recoil wasn’t bad, but later on my wrist ached. Probably because I was also shooting 115 grain loads. It’s one of the reasons I am switching to 147 grain bullets in my Glocks.
  17. Thanks very much. I kind of figured the CA to be a handful. I wish I could go for the Taurus. I just paid $4500 in taxes so expendable income is rather short now. Damnit! My wife would probably shoot me if I put it on a credit card.
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