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  1. I accidentally put the same picture twice (the first 2)  I take it you meant the last one.  Trying to get this right.

  2. Not sure how to send PM on here. My email is rjtomory@gmail.com. send me yours and a snail mail address and I will send the specifics. Thanks
  3. Looking for a cowboy who can use some CAS clothing. I have 4 shirts ( XL ). 2 vests (one XL one XXL , and one pair of pants size 44. Shirts $15 Striped vest (XL) $20 Paisley vest (XXL) $30 Pants $20. buyer pays shipping
  4. Coat still available.  Your msg was lost.  Cost with shipping:  $53.60.  Postal MO will due fine.  I need your mailing address.  Mine is R.J. Tomory 3150 Meyers Ave, New Era, MI 49446

  5. Negative.

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    2. Barry Sloe

      Barry Sloe

      It looks like because of the manufacture date, 1891, that no FFL is required.

    3. Limpy Gimp

      Limpy Gimp

      Answered your own question.  Rifle is packaged and ready to go.  I will send you an email when it leaves.

    4. Barry Sloe
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