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  1. NIce! Well done Widder! Where I'm from, typically it would be worded either 'starting on either end' (if it was required to start on either end) or 'starting on any target' if you could start on any target. Absent any of that verbage, anything goes that fits within 'Nevada sweep' Unless of course something was covered in the walk thru or stage reading by the PM. I'm thinking a nevada sweep on 3 starting in the middle by a double cocking gunfighter sounds like a hoot.
  2. @1st Sgt BearClaw Toklat If you want either of mine, send me a PM and we'll figure out a way to get you the file. Grizz
  3. @1st Sgt BearClaw Toklat I searched thru my hard drive and wasn't able to find for sure those vids, but should be able to download from my channels if you need them. I've been out of the video game for a while, so many younger folks putting out content. The reason did video in the first place was to promote the sport. Anyway, if you want either video, PM me. Grizz
  4. If you are looking for short teaser vids I've done a couple
  5. Tell, good on ya for making it right. I did not buy any. Thanks for the LP and SP I did get from you. I hope that you are feeling better. Dang falls will get you. I fell in the shower at EOT, not once but twice, my shoulder still isn't right. Grizz
  6. The shotgun and speed events seem to be lumped together. It appears that only the fastest time was tracked on the speed events, which is common from my experience with so many going thru each one. Only thing I'm not seeing is the plainsman match. But then again, I could be missing it.
  7. Oak Creek, try clicking the link, if it just shows 2023 at the top, refresh the page, it could be that your confuser had that page cached and got lazy and didn't pull it up again. Or maybe not.
  8. No worries, happy to help. I'm gonna have to give you a P though...
  9. They've been up for a while now. LINK TO EOT SCORES
  10. Howdy and welcome to the fire! Ditto what Gateway Kid said, he's one smart cowboy. Some clubs may have loaner gun carts for a match, but gotta check ahead. Otherwise some may have racks each stage, or folks willing to share a cart. Same for the leather, let the MD know what you might need, folks often have extra gear they're willing to loan for a match for new shooters. Grizz
  11. Flat on the table. I even asked and was told flat on the table.
  12. Yul - Looking forward to seeing you. I'll be at table 53
  13. Grizzly Dave, SASS 85224 From the Colorado Territory Shooting for I reckon 8, 9 years now
  14. You go Sue! Sadly I am unable to attend this time around. I know that you will have fun!
  15. Info is now available on the Thunder Mountain website LINK
  16. I think a fair amount of the turnover can be attributed to the life cycle of any hobby or interest. People may give other reasons but I think it boils down to that.
  17. Wow, this thread not only jumped the rails, I think it did it on a bridge!
  19. One miss on the pistol and shoot where it was on the rifle. I myself would avoid using the use of the term 'target failure' so as to avoid having to look up in the books to see what that might or might not imply. JMO.
  20. First I'd be sure the extractor rod is clean and lubed. I use dummy shells made from fired hulls and have never had a problem, then again, I almost never practice.
  21. It's not, in the first email clicking either link would take you to the January edition, they have since fixed those links and send another email. In the original email clicking on the cover picture would take you to the February edition.
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