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  1. Yepp, N 310 in 38 is one of the better choices I load 105 and 125 grain bullets and use 3,0 - 3,5 grain powder my cas load is 125 over 3,5 grain N 310 Hope this helps your choises regards Samuel B
  2. Hello again after thinkin abit and you said just one rifle, I'd go for what we on the far side call a system rifle ( easy barrel change ) Sauer & Sohn model 202 with more than one barrel, cal 6,5x55 and 9;3x62 is my favorite combo this combo will tip anything you can find in the northern hemisphere regards Samuel B
  3. Hey FJT Bolt, 6,5 x 55 or a 3006, depending of ammo availability now scope is your next problem my choise would be a high quality with low - mid range magnification with a red dot ( nice for old guys ) Regards Samuel B
  4. I'd love to have a senior classic category, that way most of the fast guys are gone from the regular one It's good to be a whippersnapper..........once in a while Samuel B
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