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  1. Here are the Dirty Buggers. They follow me around all over the country, and the change their appearance so that I don't spot them right off!
  2. Ain’t no doubt that the Spotters play an important part in this Game. They need to be diligent in their work, and realize that they can become tired, and should seek relief or be relieved when their concentration is dwindling. Since they provide feedback to the T.O. upon which calls are made, they ought to be reasonably familiar with the rules of the game. The books do a good job defining the things that the Spotter should do. Benefit of the Doubt is a good thing as long as it is not over used. The old adage (certainly not anything from the rule books) that if you don’t see a miss, then it is a hit, does not work at every range or stage. It has a great deal of merit, but is only pertinent on stages where a clean miss can be seen. Stages with vegetation behind the targets make it difficult to see a clean miss. No doubt that Stage writing can have an effect upon the ability of Spotters to see all the targets depending upon prop placement. Buildings can often make it difficult for all Spotters to see the targets. Writers would do well to consider that. It is often possible to cut another opening in the prop to facilitate the Spotters view. Of course in the case where Spotter viewing is extremely difficult, Knock Down targets can really help. I like the occasional stage that allows the shooter to choose what order things are done or shot, but IMO, the particular area that the scenario is played out on needs to be considered. In a wide open area, Spotters should be able to keep up, and like has been mentioned, once a good shooters does it, virtually everyone will do it the same way. At the “End of the Day”, one fact remains true, All Spotters are Dirty, Rotten, Cheatin, Liars, every time I get a miss I tell them so! We are a self-regulating game. All of our functions are performed by all of us. Some of us are better at it than others. We should all strive to do our best, and continue to learn as we move along. The major reason that the RO courses were set up was to improve in this area. I never failed to spend a little extra time in the RO Course instruction when it came to advising the Spotters on how to do their job effectively. Next shooter Please. Snakebite
  3. RCBS Heavy Duty Plastic 87076 Rotary Case/Media Separator
  4. I like the 38-40, it has been called the 357 Mag of it's day, but for playing this game my choice would be the 44-40 between the two. JMHO Snakebite
  5. Don't change a thing, leave everything set as it is and load any Remington hull and it will be just right! If you want to load the AA, first I would try backing off the crimp die just a tad.. if you are not happy with the resulting crimp, then you need to do something to lower the column inside the shell... either less shot, less powder, or shorter wad. THAT is why a lot of folks use adjustable shot/powder bars, and everybody lived happy ever after..... the end. Snakebite
  6. OK, we are drifting away here. I ask the question because most matches charge for the Speed Matches and the Plainsman match. I do, in fact, know of clubs that charge for the Long Range match. It can cost MUCH more to put on the Long Range match than either the Speed or Plainsman match if you are shooting anything other than a old Fender off of a Ford truck, or paper at 100 yds. Purchasing two sheets of steel and having them cut out to be a Buffalo, building the mounting structures and then mounting them on trailers to move them around can get expensive. We have never charged for the Long Range match, but I was considering recommending it, so just wanted to hear from others on the issue. Tnx Snakebite
  7. Thanks for the feedback
  8. Do any of your clubs charge to shoot the Long Range event at your annual match? How much?
  9. I have 5 questions that I would appreciate if you would give me your answers. I appreciate your commentary and remarks, but please at least break out your answers so I can easily compile them. 4 of them are yes/no, #2 is a number of months. Thanks. Snakebite 1. 1. Are your club officer positions filled by the same people year after year? 2. 2. How often does your club have a full/dedicated membership meeting? (in months) 3. 3. Has your club membership dropped over the past 5 years? 4. 4. Does your membership vote on club expenditures? 5. 5. Does your club membership receive a complete financial report at every meeting?
  10. I have been doing a similar thing for years but used the body of a ink pin cut to length, or any round plastic tube. If it is the right length it stops over tightening.
  11. Yeah, it's a pain in the Butt when they force people into a position to either break the law or stop shooting BP. When I was heavy into the Big Guns I would also go through a lot BP. Never did find a Sub that worked as well for any serious shooting. No doubt that many of those that put this into effect did so just to stick it to shooters, but I'd bet a lot of them didn't know, understand and couldn't imagine anyone needing that much powder for any Good reason. I am not overly concerned about it, but I think it is worth keeping the amount at one location pretty close to the limit just in case. Now that I live in Town (Boy I miss my mountain home) I don't let many neighbors know of my loading activities and keep a low key about my shooting. The insurance aspect in case of a fire is a very real concern. I have a sprinkler right over my Powder Mag that will continue to dump LOTS of water as long as water is available.... in fact I have one in every room. I Keep my powder in one of those cheap sheet metal safes that you can get anywhere now days, and keep the primers in another one. It keeps things locked up, but the sides and door would blow out very easily if needed.
  12. Yes, I had all the tools. I can tell you that I mastered the art of checkering. I learned to send them off and have them Laser cut! Works every time. Snakebite
  13. It's a State Law, not a Fed. I use to always order BP 25 lbs at a time before I was aware of the law. Yes, there are still places that will ship cases of it directly to your house in California. It is NOT illegal for them to do that.... but it is for you to have that much. After I found out about the law, I hid it out until I got it used up and then started using Sub powders for my less critical shooting, such as CAS. I would keep a can of SWISS 1 1/2 on the premises for the big guns. Even that put a crimp on things. As much as we shoot in this game we need to buy right, and buying by the case is indeed the best way. Then we all have to face those periods of time when there is a shortage, and powder and primers are hard to come by.... so we stock up on them just to make sure that we are covered. First thing you know, you have far too much powder on hand than the law allows. I don't know of any situation where someone has been busted for having to much powder, but it could happen. If for some reason Law enforcement had a cause to Look up under your skirt, they could and would certainly use everything that they found to make you look bad. How many times have you seen a news cast that talked about the police finding several rifles and handguns, along with several hundred rounds of ammo in some guy's house? How many of you have that many guns and even more ammo? Heck, we can go through several hundred rounds with just my wife and I shooting two matches a month! I'd bet most of you do to. Best bet is to just keep a low profile, keep your mouth shut, don't get caught up in all the BS stupid Blusterous and Bantering talk about ".... from my dead hands", etc. I always liked what Teddy said, "Walk softly, but carry a big stick". Since there is no limit on amount of ammo at this time, load as much as you can.... that is the best way around the limit on powder. Once it is in the cartridge it is no longer an issue. Lets face the truth... you can easily build a bomb using BP. It has been used for that purpose for many years... it can be done with smokeless powder too, but not as easily. I believe that is one of the reasons for the limit. Snakebite
  14. DDD is correct about the amount of BP allowed in Ca. It is classified as a explosive. 20 lbs of class B, which includes the BP subs, and ONE pound of real BP. Very few shooter realize that.
  15. That Marlin is a very strong action. Mine is a LTD II, sold by Davidson's. I've sure shot some really hot loads in mine. The only thing that it hurt was my shoulder! I think they are a very good gun. Not as glamorous as the 86 Winchester, but certainly strong. I don't have a great deal of confidence in the Blue Book values... seems anything that I have for sale is listed too low, and anything that I want to buy is listed too high! Snakebite
  16. I wouldnt take that for mine. If you want, just get it and be done with it. Searching around to save a few bucks is folly. Life is short, and time is worth more than money these days.
  17. Hey Mad Dog... saw you , but was busy with the posse. Sorry we didn't get together.
  18. The 45 degree rule is applied to the act of cocking the pistol. I don't think that Shooter C holstered the pistol and then pulled it to half cock. It sounds like it was already on half cock. Half cock and full cock are treated the same.
  19. Unless something has changed that I am unaware of, the statement about 45 degees is correct. As far as I know, the reholster penalty would not apply until the shooter removed his hand from the half cocked gun, Shooter C. When he pulled the gun back out to correct the problem, he would have to get it 45 degrees downrange then bring it to full cock and pull the trigger.
  20. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. I did a search, but didn't find anything here about these primers. I've used Fiocchi Shot Shell primers and they worked just fine. I have never tried their small pistol primers. Does anyone here have any feedback on them?
  22. Speaking from first hand experience, do what ever you need to do to limit your exposure to lead. It can kill your Kidneys, and can give you Cancer. Use Polymer coated bullets, stop casting without good ventilation, wash your hands, and don't run the timer for extended periods of time.... hand it off after about 5 shooters and get back off the firing line. Use a wet tumbler too. Everyone thinks it won't happen to them... well it just might. If your lead level is high, get Chelation therapy to remove the lead faster than any other method. It just might save your life, or at least prolong it. Snakebite
  23. If the LT is so unstable that a bump caused a gun to fall from the table, it would be my opinion that it was a prop Failure, and I would act accordingly. No call. This can go on and on and on. First off this is not something that happens very often. I know, some folks always say... well I've seen this happen or that happen, or what ever will fed the topic at hand. Yes, it could happen. The only thing that I know for sure, is that the shooter that left his guns on the LT and went back to his cart for SG shells, is not at fault. If someone at the loading table causes the gun to fall because of their unsafe action, then it is their fault. If their action was magnified by a unstable LT, then it is a prop failure. What more can be done? We all must be held accountable for our actions, whether they are accidental or otherwise, but we should not and can not be charged if the failure was due to a poor prop, such as a wobbling LT, or because the stage has the shooter restage a gun in a poor location.... such as a Pickett fence etc. The Club is charge with providing a safe place to stage guns, that includes the LT and ULT tables. Snakebite
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